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  1. Hi Jonny, been a while since I've been on here! Thanks for your message, Piccino still in daily use. My steam pressure is a bit higher than yours at about 1.4 before steaming, then dropping below 1 during steaming. I think that pressure is probably enough, I actually find making milk drinks easier with lower pressure as long as the milk volume is one cup, but you can adjust it I believe with the pressure switch. You I've pushed the water sensor as far down as it will go and the steam is a little wet (you have to make sure you purge the water in the wand before steaming) but it
  2. Hi, This has been asked in terms of pre-grinding for aeropress/v60 etc. But I'm going on a stay-cation for a few days. There's room in the car for my Gaggia Classic, but not my Mazzer SJ. I've got a vacuum sealed tub, can I pre-grind enough espresso for a few days? I use Horsham Coffee Roasters Dark Espresso blend which should cover up a bit of degradation, but my question is whether it will become undrinkable, or change enough that it will need dialling in again? The alternative, is to take the V60 kit with me, but would love to be able to make a nice cappuccino in the mornings.
  3. That looks great! my chassis is coming along OK, learned a few lessons along the way and trying to spray outside in the humidity wasn't ideal. Pics soon, then I'll put it back together...
  4. Thanks Jase, I found one for 80EUR on an Irish site too, so they can clearly build them pretty cheap, which may explain the rust. (A chassis for my fracino is £250). To be honest, I decided I wanted to learn how to do this stuff myself due to a few other projects that this skill will be useful for!
  5. The sandblaster quote was £100 so cracked on with it myself. I used the kurust which turned black on all the rust, now I'm in the process of priming with this https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B001W03PSQ?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Question @Cuprajake if you don't mind. How good do I need to get the primer surface before top coat? I'm sanding @ a lot with 400/600 wet dry but wonder if I'm going too far at this stage when I could resolve with top coats and 0000 wire wool later. Also, for the non rusty bits. Do I need to prime on top of the existing powder coat. Or can I just sand then to
  6. Down in Sussex - they just got back to me - wait for it.... £100 - I even sent them a link to a new frame supplied for £70 to show what the part looked like. So I've ordered all the paint etc (as I'd like to learn how to do this type of thing) and will give it a go myself. Quite looking forward to it. I'm sure it will turn out pretty unprofessional but on these machines you can't really see the frame anyway.
  7. The valve works OK, but it's squeaking and creaking. There are a couple of O-rings in there I'd like to replace, which should sort it. Plus the refurb kits come with a few other bits. Had this on a gaggia classic also quite an involved repair. Edit: you won't need to do this if replacing the whole lot. The nut that bolts keeps the valve in the machine is easy to undo.
  8. Thank you! Still waiting on a quote from a sandblasting/powder coating place but I doubt it will be £20!
  9. Thanks, do you know what size it is/they are? I'm now thinking it's going to be hard to get it back on that tight even if I get it off!
  10. Hi, As you may have seen in my other thread (sorry to start another) I've completely stripped down a poorly Silvia for a refurb. Everything has been Descaled and cleaned and I'd like to service the steam valve, but I cannot get this nut off. Does anyone know what size it is or have any advice. I have a vice, but it's not bolted down (pressure plate) and I'm turning the whole bench trying to get this thing off with an adjustable 😂 Bonus question is anyone knows these machines. What colour is the heater element supposed to be? This one works without tripping rcd but high l
  11. Thanks both @AlbertoG that looks like the kind of job I'm after, nothing to fancy just not flaking rust everywhere. What paints did you use? Not sure if you saw in the thread I did but mines like this now
  12. For those that got this done, can I ask the best way to remove the wiring loom from the chassis? Mine has been very neatly cable tied which would be a shame to ruin, but think the only way I can do it is to cut them all and redo once back together. Wondered if I was missing something. Cheers
  13. Thanks @Northern_Monkey there's a sandblasting place just around the corner from me, so I've asked for a quote. Will see what they come back with. To be honest, part of doing this is just because I'd like to have a go at doing this type of thing myself (got a motorbike that needs some similar attention at some point!) But it sounds like it does require a lot of materials. Happy to put the graft in if I can learn something and get a 'reasonable' result at the end of it.
  14. Thanks both, yes it was one of those where once you start picking at it, it all comes away. I may just treat the rust areas (which is half of it 😂). It doesn't need to look amazing (since you can't see this bit) but just want it to stop getting worse. I assume aerosol was the best type of paint to use, can you brush on?
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