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  1. Unlike others I’m not in any hurry. His stuff was well made and I’ll happily wait for a response for a while. If I find an alternate option I’ll update this thread to that effect. Been looking at 3D printing as a possible way to achieve something similar in a way I can manage XD
  2. I would just ask for the dimensions of the required tap so I can ensure I have the right tools.
  3. I’ll take the 10 if you still have those. I’ll figure out the tapping.
  4. Hello. While I am somewhat handy, properly drilling into a cylindrical object may tax my limited skillet to a dangerous point XD. The rest of the required tasks seem like things I could certainly do. Do you think you might be able to drill/tap the pieces? I can finish the project and offer up 9 for sale to anyone still interested. OH yeah there's a small caveat : I'm based in Toronto Canada.
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