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  1. @ajohn think you’ve got the nail on the head. I gave the portafilter a tap to level it out before distributing & its worked thanks
  2. I’m just grinding straight into it...which I’ve done for the last 6 months... it just seems to have happened since I started this new coffee a week ago
  3. Hi just got a new coffee & over the last few days this seems to be happening. I use a distributor & ive checked there’s no coffee stuck on it before I use it but seems to be regularly making this little indent, any idea why?
  4. I asked about cleaning cycles ages ago. someone on here said about the DTP & I can’t remember the terminology but basically saying the cleaning liquid doesn’t actually go up into the machine, so ja must cleans the group head area... If this is the case what’s the point doing it, why not just take the shower screen etc off and clean? Someone more experience please clear up my hazy memories & clarify I am right?
  5. @Kjk can you send me a link to the plug you have? Are they expensive?
  6. What does the wi Fi plug do for the setup? Turn the machine on/to get it warmed up??
  7. @Baffo hi mate.... basically I was a total newbie to coffee only ever having a nespresso machine & then dipping into Tesco bought ground coffee for cafetière I didn’t know where to start in buying a machine & grinder, I was looking at decent but not totally basic.. After speaking on here I eventually got the sage duo temp pro machine & eureka mignon specialista grinder. I started off just not making nice tasting coffee, it was suggested I forget what the double espresso tasted like & just make it into what I like...e
  8. An update from me - really happy with my machine, grinder & airscape.... Beans - surprising to my me I’m trying different coffee brands - black cat, rave, Bella barista, pact....I thought I would’ve just stuck with the one I liked, to be fair I just look for the good offers & try them. I have just bought one from extract coffee roasters after seeing the offer on here.....must admit I’m a bit disappointed, got a bag the other day & it had been roaster on the 23/12/20.....all other coffee I’ve received has been roasted a day or 2 before.. machi
  9. @Cuprajake yeah I get ya - you want to receive what you’ve paid for.....it’ll be part of the trade description act.... ah ok, I wondered if timemore were like the ‘amir’ £13 scales off Amazon
  10. @Cuprajake is timemore a proper company like acacia or a cheaper Amazon company ?
  11. @TomHughes @Cuprajake @CocoLoco hi Tom, if interested it’s finally been agreed By sage that they’ll exchange my machine... after numerous videos & photos sent of the temp not getting past 90 degrees thanks for the advice, hopefully it’ll help!
  12. @SuffolkDoug I only have one as I only want to use one bean at a time..for us new starters it’s hard enough to get one bean right let alone having 2 on the go like @NikC
  13. @SuffolkDoug im new to this, only started end of July... I get a 1kg bag & it all goes in after 5 days of degassing & lasts me about 1 calendar month....17g a cup...maybe 12 cups a week?
  14. @SuffolkDoug I don’t think it’d fit 1.49kg with both lids on.... I’ve got the 1kg matte black & get 1kg beans, there’s space above it...but you don’t want space, unless you’re buying more than 1kg of beans?
  15. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/airscaper-classic-1kilo-mattblack.html out of stock at the moment though.. unfortunately there was a 20% discount code on here but just checked & it doesn’t work anymore... anyway, great container I love it
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