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  1. Hi Today I tried an overdue backflush but there is no release of pressure through the release tube (the one into the drip tray) so pressure just stays on the group head. I tried a descale (again probably overdue) but that didn't improve things. I haven't noticed if in normal usage the tube works but I suspect not. Water flowing fine through the group head and steam wand and checked the obvious that the release tube has no block. Any advice what to try next? Thanks
  2. yes I can see no difference in quality between this and @hubcap but then his did arrive a while back
  3. The funnel definitely reduces the chance of spilling grinds but wether it’s worth the bother of snapping on and off all the time is still to be decided
  4. I'm in two minds to offer to sell and print these or not. I would recommend those ordering them elsewhere get it printed in PETG material as this is food safe and "apparently" dishwasher safe (but I wouldn't test that personally). I did contact and admin to check what was allowed in terms of selling but got no response. If enough of you who haven't already sourced your own want any of the three prints I have shown in the photos done (tray, funnel or tamp holder) I might run a few off so let me know by PMing me as I will have to order in the PETG (they will all be printed black).
  5. Out of interest what is it costing you to get printed?
  6. I mean the fuse on the power cable's plug. The plug that comes with it appears to be one hideous conversion from an european plug to a uk plug but does appear the original. I replaced it with a quality uk kettle lead. I had a good check around inside when it first went and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary.
  7. I’ll have a look at what I can do for those who want things printed. What are the rules for selling here outside the for sale forums?
  8. Now my gaggia classic arrived I have printed the portafilter funnel I found as well that’s specific to this grinder and the classic, @Valkyrie88 you mentioned this model and yes i had noticed it as well. Also printed a tamper holder
  9. Thanks all, all working now gone through a descale etc. Checked resistance and ground and seems ok I’m going with there was some moisture from left over water getting somewhere it shouldn’t during delivery OR something with the mains lead which I replaced anyway
  10. you could be right @Black Cat Coffee I did try and switch both on quickly one after the other but being new to the machine maybe I didnt quick enough or I did the steam one first.
  11. Hmm may be ok it’s coming out now, going to do a descale and see
  12. Received a used gaggia classic today that was working with the previous owner days ago. Plugged in and turned power then pump on and bang the fuse blew 😞 Opened up and no sign of water inside but I let sit now the boiler was warm to get rid of any water there may have been. New fuse plugged in back in and I now get: 1) Turn on power, open steam valve press steam button then brew button - pump kicks in and water comes out of steam wand 2) Turn on power, steam valve closes, steam button off then press brew button - pump kicks in but even after 10 seconds no water out of the brew head Im assuming either the solenoid is blown (if thats possible) or blocked? Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Morning all, I have been reading these forums, watching youtube and generally researching my first reasonable espresso machine to replace my Delonghi Icona. The two in my price range (for used) seem to be Gaggia Classic or Rancilio Silvia and there seems to be little (but subtle differences) between them. Can I get some advice from owners of either or both on what they feel might be right for me, a few things I think relevant to my choice: I drink 3-4 espresso's per day, at least at the moment I drink my first early in the morning, currently I have the machine an a timer I'm the only one in the house that drinks coffee I like a flat white but currently only make one about once a week currently with poor milk frothing 😉 I'm looking forward to getting a little more serious about coffee, realising it quickly becomes a hobby, but equally I can ever see myself become obsessive over it I just upgraded the grinder to the Eureka Mignon Facile From what I have read I might be better of with a Classic (pre 2015 with mod on the milk wand) as it warms up quicker and for only one coffee a large boiler is less of a problem and its generally more available but I'm still torn. Thanks for any advice
  14. Just to be clear I didn’t design it just went and found someone who already had and printed it
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