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  1. For some reason, I am unable to edit my post. Change of circumstances... this item is no longer for sale.
  2. Gaggia Classic Pro, June 2020 Perfect starter machine and a nice blank canvas for someone to mod. 9 months old, kept in great condition. Has the 3 way solenoid and proper steam wand as standard. Always used filtered water, very lucky with water down in South Devon. Regularly cleaned, backwashed etc. Machine has been kept fairly standard, I have done Mr Shades 9 bar spring mod, which is great. I will also include the rest of the spring kit and the factory 12 bar. Gaggia Direct sent me the blue Silicone Cafelat group gasket which is a better fit for the portafilte
  3. Yes bud. Great, move to PM.
  4. Motta Grinder To Portafilter Funnel 40mm Used since last July but in great condition. With original packaging. £10 posted
  5. (Edesia) Bottomless Portafilter for Gaggia Classic, comes with 21g basket. Portafilter 2 months old. Never used the 21g basket. £20 posted.
  6. Gaggia Classic Stainless shower plate, IMS shower screen, Group gasket and screws. The stainless shower plate is brand new. Never been used. The IMS shower screen has been used since October. The group gasket is brand new. Includes all screws. £30 posted.
  7. Meet me in the middle and shake on £2000? Nice round number. Many thanks, Sam.
  8. Hi @NigelO Would you let it go for £1900? I am in South Devon so no problem collecting from Cornwall. Cheers, Sam
  9. Probably BB, nice idea but look how good quality mine was. 🙄 was like this on the inside to.
  10. Very good shout! Looks a lot more sturdy.
  11. Arrived and smells delightful! Thanks all for organising. I look forward to trying this one.
  12. Hi Sam, welcome to the forum! So much info to digest on here but well worth the hours reading. IMO, You do pay a premium for Rockets ‘name’ and lovely style. Maybe something like a Bianca could be considered? It’s got enough tech and with its pressure paddle, it should keep upgraditus at bay for a long time! Grinder wise, I did a lot of research and Sette‘s seem great when they are working. Reliability issues came up time and time again. I ended up with a Mingion which is great, but tbh, I would bite the bullet, sign up to the Niche and wait the time. Enjoy the process a
  13. IMO, a bottomless portafilter was one of the best purchases I made when starting out. It gives you a real time look at how the coffee is extracting. You can easily see channelling and then you know your prep perhaps wasn’t the best. Before a bottomless, I would get the odd really fast shot and didn’t really know why. It’s a great way of improving your coffee. Needless to say, a bottomless portafilter is all I use now. All good fun, enjoy!
  14. I like his style. He is obviously very knowledgeable and is able to back it up in his well explained videos. He is of course making good money from his online content but who can blame him for that!
  15. How disappointing! I feel your pain, hope they get it fixed and back to you ASAP.
  16. Yeah pretty good, their barrel aged coffee was really unusual and different, good to try though! I still rate Chocolate Point from black cat for my personal taste.
  17. I like the Darkwoods coffee packaging. Bright yellow, nice illustration on the front and has a fancy tag on the top. Of course it’s all about the coffee within but always appreciate a bit of extra effort!
  18. Enjoy, the classic and specialita is a great set up!
  19. I don’t find an issue with using the specialita for pour over. The issue is more that it isn’t ideal to keep swapping from espresso to pour over on a daily basis.
  20. What coffees are you using? Are they fresh from a roaster or is it supermarket stuff? What grinder are you using?
  21. Fantastic looking Tartine! Great oven spring too! Mine certainly doesn’t look as good!
  22. Looking forward to this!!🤞
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