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  1. I will get the case resprayed if I keep it, would make it look a look more palatable. Does someone on here cut down the hopper and make wooden lids?
  2. very belated update to this saga. I finally moved house and on Monday Paul and I managed to liaise for me to pick up the Mythos. Since I got it home I've changed the burrs (I had an idea that the burrs might be worn and they were), taken the front tamper off and given it a clean. I've dialled in a few different coffees now but it's not that easy to single dose. I have been looking at solutions like lens hoods and puffers but haven't come to any form conclusions yet. I have to say the espresso coming out is a totally different from the Sette 270Wi I've been using. The mouthfeel and body is just so smooth and silky. I'm even enjoying my wife's decaf - the first time I've truly enjoyed decaf in my life. It is big, I would love to make it a bit smaller but I'm not sure I could do that without making it very ugly. My wife doesn't mind the size but she said it looked a bit knackered - fair point tbh. Anyway, thanks again to @paul whu He's a lovely chap and really went out of his way for me, a complete stranger. Warms the heart!
  3. I'm happy to pay an extra £3, no problem.
  4. Mmm reckon it's compatible with a Rocket Giotto?
  5. @ashcrocleave it on 👍
  6. Yeah mine is a 25cl as I just measured it. £10 plus postage sounds perfect. Move to Pm?
  7. @ashcroc yes I believe it would!
  8. Anyone got a spare medium-large milk pitcher going spare? I only have flat whites so got a small pitcher, however my wife likes her oat lattes pretty long so I need something bigger for her morning drink.
  9. Just had a great espresso with this, tightened up the grind which has helped. No overwhelming acidity, just lovely flavours. I tried it with milk but it really struggled against the richness. Sticking to straight espresso I think!
  10. Baked a couple of loaves this morning, this is the nicer looking one 100% white flour (Shipton Mill) 73% hydration 8 hours bulk prove, then formed into loaves and proved overnight in the fridge. 30 mins at 275 degrees in a casserole dish with lid on 17 mins at 220 degrees with the lid off.
  11. Bainbridge

    Kiss the hippo

    So has this replaced Curators Coffee then?
  12. Stretch and fold all the way. No kneading after mixing the dough. Don't usually bother with a bench rest, just wait til the dough has ready then form into loaves. Often prove overnight in the fridge (depending in schedule). Hopefully will be baking again in a day or two!
  13. @Cooffe About 25% in feeding the starter, then I think that loaf was all white flour after that. Cold proved overnight in the fridge.
  14. I've been making sourdough for about 8 years now, but been totally out of the loop as we've just had a protracted house move. Finally moved in last week and yesterday my father-in-law gave me some of his starter. Looking forward to getting back to bakes like this from last year* *This is by far the best looking loaf I've baked
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