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  1. I'll 100% take it if the other sale falls through.
  2. Ok so I descaled again today. All been flushed through and I was interested to see if the pressure guage would still be doing it's vibrating. Now it seems to be working ok but now when the pressure rises there is a very strange noise: Sorry to keep bothering you @DavecUK but do you have any idea what that could be, and how I might go about fixing it?
  3. I've been grinding both for espresso and filter regularly, swapping between beans all the time. This is a light roast (LSOL beans from Rave) and it is mostly chaff. I just made a decaf for my wife and espresso roast straight out of the freezer didn't produce any static. Maybe the coffee grinds are less likely to fly about when cold?
  4. Interesting. Thing is I wasn't getting any static before I installed the disk, now it's like this (aeropress grind this morning). Not complaining by the way, more just intrigued as to why that would make a difference. Really enjoying the clarity of flavour I'm getting from the disk so far.
  5. Niche NFC disk arrived this morning. Installed at as per the Niche instructions on YouTube and it's working great. Weirdly I noticed a huge increase in static as soon as I ground with the NFC disk. It's sticking to the underside of the disk and the outside of the chute. Anyone else had this?
  6. Soooo I took apart the E61 mushroom yesterday to make sure it wasn't too scaled up. It was actually fine, a few bits here and there but all seemed ok. I cleaned it up and put it back together, then pulled a shot. The fluctuations on the brew pressure gauge are back. Much much less, but there is the annoying ticking when up to pressure. Any ideas @DavecUK? Descale again?
  7. After Boris put us in lockdown yesterday I realised we don't have even decaf left for more wife (she's caffeine intolerant). Nude Coffee Roasters just emailed me to say they are still open, so obviously some companies are able to still take orders. Anyone know of any others?
  8. Another good reason to descale regularly!
  9. It actually sorted itself out when I descaled. Not sure why that would have fixed it!
  10. Hey, So I bought this Rocket Giotto about 6 months ago from @Hasi. Had a few issues during delivery which caused some damage to some small components. Fortunately @Hasi was on hand to help me diagnose and replace the relevant items. He then got me a refund on the replaced components. All very much appreciated. The Giotto has been behaving itself apart from when I turned up the Brew pressure. Hasi was running it at 6 bar, but when I pushed it up to 9 bar the Brew pressure gauge totally flips out. I borrowed a porter filter guage from a friend and the brew pressure there was solid
  11. I really really don't see the issue of paying $9.99 delivered for what seems to be a decent upgrade on what is already a great piece of kit. They didn't have to offer it at this price, a larger business would have probably priced it at £20 and hyped up the benefits. And I'm pretty sure 99% of people would have ended up buying one.
  12. @catpuccino I'll take it for asking price
  13. 18g, inverted. Similar grind to v60. 30 second bloom then fill to the top, wait for 2 more mins then flip over and slowly press.
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