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  1. Stretch and fold all the way. No kneading after mixing the dough. Don't usually bother with a bench rest, just wait til the dough has ready then form into loaves. Often prove overnight in the fridge (depending in schedule). Hopefully will be baking again in a day or two!
  2. @Cooffe About 25% in feeding the starter, then I think that loaf was all white flour after that. Cold proved overnight in the fridge.
  3. I've been making sourdough for about 8 years now, but been totally out of the loop as we've just had a protracted house move. Finally moved in last week and yesterday my father-in-law gave me some of his starter. Looking forward to getting back to bakes like this from last year* *This is by far the best looking loaf I've baked
  4. @Hasi I'll take it at asking price
  5. Hi, I can offer £80 and collect, possibly tomorrow!
  6. Hi, Do you have boxes for any of it? My brother in law lives in Edinburgh but I'm in London. If I can work out a way of him picking it up and getting it to me it could work.
  7. @DavecUK Is that the paddle lifted from the Bianca then? Any difference in performance between the two? If it becomes a reasonably priced aftermarket optionbto retrofit a needle valve to any e61 machine that does somewhat reduce the USP of the Bianca. Interesting times!
  8. 1. Jony2. agentb3.ashcroc4.AmandaH 5. Filthynines6. Bainbridge7.8.9.10.
  9. Mine was delivered too. Going away on holiday this week so will be taking some with me (plus sampling the various coffee shops in Krakow and Warsaw!).
  10. 1. Filthynines2. Jony3. AmandaH (Hoping this one is as good as the current one!)4. MildredM5.MinesAbeer6. Bainbridge7.8.9.
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