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  1. Hi Guys, We are writing a large study on each coffee brewing method. We got into trouble in some questions and we want to figure it out with your help. We have studied many resources on this topic and people often write in different ways. I'd like to hear your opinion. Here are my questions: 1. There is a concept such as a "drip coffee", which is also referred as pour-over. It is not clear here, in fact, we all understand that the method of brewing called pour-over is considered as a separate one. I think to write about "Drip Coffee" only when it is brewed in the drip coffee maker. Do you think it is literate or not? 2. Pour Over. I have identified 4 main methods of brewing. Bee House, Chemex, Hario V60, and Kalita Wave. Do you think it's enough? Or maybe some other popular methods? 3. Cold Brew Is iced coffee a part of cold brew? Or probably it’s another brewing method? 4. Here is our final list of brewing methods in our opinion: Aeropress French press Moka pot Espresso machine Turkish coffee Cold Brew (Including Nitro Cold Brew & Iced Coffee) Drip Coffee Pour Over (Including Bee House, Chemex, Hario V60 and Kalita Wave) Vacuum coffee maker (Siphon) Please write down your thoughts, I would be happy to read every comment and finally get to the bottom of it.
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