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  1. I found Rocket customer service was poor in regards to this issue. I wantedto replace the mushroom and they where less than helpful
  2. HI All I just watched on youtube wholelatte love demonstrate the Profitec E61 Flow Valve. A little beyond my capabilities but looks interesting. Has anyone used one on a Rocket? What was it like to install it?
  3. thanks for your replies!
  4. Has anyone attached a grouphead thermometer to a rocket machine? Anyone used one and recommends it? Do you need one if your machine has a PID? Thoughts? Thanks Lindy
  5. Thank you! Very helpful!
  6. Hi all Looking to make some small upgrades to my machine (I have a little time on my hands) it seems these are the popular ones 1. IMS nanotech shower screen - is this nanotech stuff worth it? 2. IMS nonotech baskets. I have their single basket and i have to stay it is much better than the standard one the rocket machine comes with 3. Silicone gaskets 4. Naked portafilter To me , none of these seem essential but are nice to have....are there any other upgrades people think are worth doing? Thanks Lindy
  7. Thanks MediumRoastSteam.....sound like a plan I want to avoid the hassle. When you say flush the boiler....do you mean drain it? Apologies not up to speed just yet on all of this
  8. Hi all Recently purchased a Rocket Mozzafiato R and absolutely love it. I'm a newbie to professional coffee and so far cant coomplain. I only wish i had bought one earleir! In my hast I didnt read the manual and used normal London water for about 7 months (just weekend use, one cofee each sat/sun).I discovered to my horror there was scale build up in the gasket so decided to descale. No surprise given london water. I googled and found information from whole latte love and followed their instructions. Descaled with Cafiza and have no issues, coffee machine is operating fine. Now
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