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  1. Looks great! I’m hoping to do this kid soon so I will surely reach out if need be. How was fitting the PID? Do you have a thread on that as well? Any pics from the top so we can see how it is mounted? Thanks
  2. Here are the parts I purchased to do mine. You have to tap it a bit to get the plug/bolt in for some reason. Otherwsie how are your shots on the machine? I can’t seem to get any good ones out of mine yet.
  3. Hey Martin I will take that boiler if Mike B isn’t interested and it’s in good shape. PM me. Thank you!
  4. I’ve ordered something to blow air into it actually and small bottles to spray the beans to help with static. Overall it works very well and I am pleased with it. Anyone considering it should definitely go for it!!
  5. I hope you mean “swapped” or “sorted” and not “shorted”. The latter would not be good lol
  6. Just picked this kit up and it is of great quality. Toying with it a bit tonight and works very well. I Will most likely have to get one of those puffer balls for sure though.
  7. It’s just the 2 bolts that you e already taken out. There will be wiring for the level switch that you will have to deal with. But just give it a good tug and it will come loose
  8. So here are a few of the goodies I have been working on or have acquired just since late March. Not done rebuilding the Gaggia Classic yet.
  9. Just replaced the rocker off/on type switch with a power switch and wish I had done it sooner. Took 10 mins( I already knew how to take the grinder apart) and is a huge improvement and keeps my hands free for doing other things while grinding
  10. Hey guys. I ordered a home doserless Kit for my Mazzer Major from Daniel Wong last Tuesday and it already arrived today from Taiwan. I installed it but have not fronded yet but am already impressed with the quality, customer service and lightning fast shipping. Will keep you all updated with how it actually performs. I’m a lifelong coffee fan and only recently (during) quarantine have become obsessed with espresso and everything that goes along with it. I’m rebuilding two Gaggia Coffee machines, picked up a Rancilio Silvia to hold me over while those are being worked on( and possibly to keep) the Mazzer grinder, a rancily rocky grinder and an encore Baratza grinder. Once I get up to speed on everything I will figure out what I will keep and what I will sell.
  11. Yeah mine was way worse. The screw bent as I was tightening it trying to do as advised above. Had to put it in my oven eventually and still took a bit to finally get it out. I was so close to giving up lol Glad you got it!!
  12. What brand funnel is that? Thank you
  13. Hello guys, just introducing myself. I caught the espresso bug while quarantined for the pandemic. Picked up an older Gaggia Coffee to keep busy while out of work. Keep going further and further down the rabbit's hole and am just about doing a complete rebuild at this point. Boiler was completely pitted due to lack of descaling and there was some rust on the bottom of the machine's housing. I have also picked up a Rancilio Silvia to hold me off until the build is done (i'm waiting for a bunch of parts. Will post pics soon as I have them on my phone. Thank you Mike J.
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