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  1. I have had a Beko bean to cup machine for a few years now and it seems to be going downhill, the amount of beans ground seems to vary a lot, and the strength of the coffee varies a lot. It's very hit and miss😐 been looking a a proper machine like the Gaggia classic but is it realistic to use for 1-2 cups/day? that would be one every morning at breakfast, 1 around 10:30 if i'm in still in (half the time) and very rarely one around mid day(maybe once per week). How long does it take to fire it up and make a cup?
  2. 18 months on, It seems to be getting worse. now It won't dispense all the ground beans into the chamber unless I bang on the top of it repeatedly as it's grinding. My procedure is this: Press the strong espresso button repeatedly bang on the top of the machine as it's grinding all the way untill it rotates the brewer forward and then after I've had a cup I rinse the brewer out (sometimes) just to check it's clean (ish) I have tried thoroughly cleaning it and drying , and then just pressing the button and leaving it to it, but what happens is this: it will grind the beans, but only half of the grounds will drop into the brewer. it'll scatter the rest of the beans randomly on top of the back of the brewer as it's tilted forwards, and onto the tray below and even back into the brewer after it's returned back to the vertical position I don't know what could be causing this and I don't really know how to fix it. one idea I had was to rip out the rubber flap? Oh and the excess water in the grounds tray, I've found that it doesn't like finely ground beans it just leaks back. I always adjust the grind so it stops doing this depending on what beans I have
  3. that is very cool yeah where do you get the parts for it?
  4. updated links here: Kit on ebay solenoid (will need 2 x push fit adapters) timer
  5. is this simple enough? here's my solution: I have a cheap ball valve fitted in the tank, and it's connected to the mains water under my kitchen sink. as an insurance policy against ball valve failing or a pipe leaking I have connected it to a solenoid so it only fills for 1 minute, twice a day once in the morning and once in the evening. thats enough to satisfy my coffee needs but that part can be adjusted by the timer, really you want to to be switched on as little as possible to reduce the chance of a leak. I've put an in line filter in there too which helps pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/kkCjXy4aWfREnmFk7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/UzurCPvSjV1XkjL16 https://photos.app.goo.gl/CM1tDiUPiQph92H49 https://photos.app.goo.gl/uPUKWSUfjcUDNHjW6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Sd8Ux8mvpMPQ2Ebt9
  6. It's a valid point , I hadn't really thought abut it failing or leaking but i suppose nothing lasts forever so it would inevitably fail "at some point in the future" so looked into a solution. if I had been able to drill the worktop I would have bought drip tray and plumbed it it to the waste, but I have a quartz top and it was going to be hard work to get it drilled. so decided to plumb the water line in through a solenoid, and plugged it into a timer so it comes on at 12:00 Midnight for a minute, and 12:00 mid-day for a minute. was £20-25 ish in total for bits and all very simple top fit just take off the plinth and all work done under there, solenoid is located under the base unit on the floor, and it gets its power from a double socket under the sink that feeds the dishwasher. after the solenoid it goes through a carbon filter and then splits to my coffee machine AND now my hot water dispenser is now converted with a ball valve and connected to the mains too.
  7. I'm looking into this again. i did quite like the idea 3-4 years ago but none of them would dispense more that 400ml and I like a bigger cup so the idea was shelved I just stuck with the kettle. it was also widely reported in reviews that the water wasn't hot enough for cups of tea. Had a look around and one looks decent, Von shef 2.2L, it's around £50, dispenses as much water as you like it won't stop untill you turn it off, and the temp is variable, and reviews claim it comes it steaming. just wondered if anybody had any reviews of other types i should look into if there are better ones?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/coffee-machine-auto-refill-mains-plumbing-kit-conversion-ball-valve-easy-DIY/383529138930?hash=item594c1e3af2:g:JZ0AAOSwgy1ere7z
  9. oh really? sounds good i'll give it a try when I've run out of my stock, bought 1kg of lavazza caffe espresso just the other day, I think they take some beating at the minute but I might be sick of them in 2 months!
  10. and when I say full of sludge, it's not full, just 5-10mm in the bottom of the container that sticks in and has to be rinsed out
  11. no definitely not hard water, from the lake district out water is pretty good. Its weird how it's not all the time, most of the time the pucks are solid & dry, and there are no lose grounds that fall past the top of the brewer, but every now and then its both. I did think it could be to do with how the brewer gets clicked back in to the machine, maybe sometimes it just isn't quite seated right. just thought I'd post up see if anybody else has the same issue
  12. well I have a Beko espresso machine, CEG5301x, it was £200 last year, I bought it as it got a good review in which. I use it to make americanos, from my limited experience of coffee machines, i think it's brilliant. I've only ever used 1 other coffee machine myself where I was working in a customers house, it was a sage one, the type that you have to put the grounds in a handle, put the handle on, then move it along and it dispenses the coffee. the bloke told me it was £500's worth and was super duper, but I wasn't convinced. I saw him making a cup with it, he put 2 sugars in it and filled the cup mainly with hot frothy milk, what a waste!
  13. well i've not tried this specialty coffee yet, is it worth trying out? like double the price worth it? the bags I was reffering to were lavazza, is that not a decent type?
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