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  1. Evening everyone, I'm looking for some recommendations on hot chocolate buttons. I find hot chocolate powder usually has a slightly grainy consistency when drinking and I've had hot chocolates and mochas made with the buttons in cafes before that have been great. I bought a pack of chocolate buttons from James Gourmet recently and while they weren't too bad, they never dissolved properly. I tried all the usual methods of melting chocolate; adding a bit of boiling water to let them melt, adding hot milk, adding them to espresso shot etc, but they always maintain small lumps. I'm looking for cho
  2. I’ve ordered from this company, shipping to U.K. is fine but bear in mind you may get import tax and Royal Mail handling fee added if it gets stopped at customs on the way over. My order took about 3 weeks to arrive I think including customs checks
  3. The 270 was my decision after loads of research and I would have bought it, if not for the reports of the noise. There’s a good reason for it being noisy I think, it’s one of them side effects of the nature of the straight-through path of the ground coffee. That was the sole deciding factor for me as I live in an apartment and I don’t want to annoy my neighbours. I’d love to have the Niche Zero as it looks amazing but the combination of the long wait time and extra cost put me off so I went with Mignon Specialita in chrome and it’s brilliant, very very low retention if single dosing but also a
  4. Yeah I had to check that as I thought that TV licence was needed. I'm sure I remember reading something about it when I bought my first car 20 years ago and researching changing the stereo and there was something to do with the household having to have a TV licence to have a radio in the car. The rules may well have changed since then, but it's a long time ago. I may also be remembering wrong of course, I can't usually remember what I had for lunch the previous day, never mind some research I had done 20 years previously lol
  5. My dad has always done that. He's always said the radio commentary of football matches is much better than the TV commentary, so he has the match on the TV on mute while listening to the radio
  6. Going to Sage customer support is all well and good, but remember you entered into a sales contract with Currys, not Sage, so actually the legal requirement for faults to be resolved sits with Currys and you should make use of that if the manufacturer doesn't want to help. I haven't yet had any dealings with Sage, I bought my DTP as it was the best option available from John Lewis as I had a significant gift voucher to use, so that influenced my decision, but I've been very happy with the machine and I got great, consistent results right from the second shot of espresso and the first go
  7. ...except if they’re medically exempt. Which people would just claim anyway even if they’re not. It’s a nice gesture from the supermarkets but it’s not actually going to achieve anything I don’t think
  8. I absolutely love this. Never driven a mk2, but I had a very early Mk1 as my first car (it was even before alloy wheels were standard on all Leons), it was the 1.4 S and I loved it. Always dreamed of having a Cupra at the time (it's only taken 18 years).
  9. Ah nice, I'm in the seatcupra.net forum too among others. I've got a Cupra 290
  10. Obviously that is the ideal, and quite possibly if everyone in the country wore one of those every single time they went out for a month, then the virus would likely not spread at all. I think the point of a 'face covering' is that it helps to stop spreading the virus if people cough and sneeze. It's not perfect, but it has to do something to help, and it's so easy to do that it's got to be worth a try surely Incidentally, is your username anything to do with Seat Cupra?
  11. I don't really get the medical reasons for not wearing masks. Frankly, it's just a lame excuse to be lazy. I've got allergies and diagnosed asthmatic (I'd point out it is a diagnosis that came about as a result of allergy tests when I was a child, not because I was having trouble with asthma as such) and I have no physical issues with wearing a mask which is a 3-layer thick fabric mask with one of these filters inside it too. If you're familiar with Jonathan Pie, his recent video ('A Tragedy of Indecision') is spot on in terms of Boris Johnson's lack of action and not doing anything unti
  12. I get the whole taste thing in general, I was a barista for 2 years, I can see when the shot is pouring too slow or fast, I can see roughly when the grind is too fine or too coarse and I can see when the crema isn’t right so without measuring anything I can get a drinkable espresso. My point is, if I want to recreate specifically the taste that a reviewer is giving on a YouTube video, then all the variables need to be the same that that reviewer used, not just most of them
  13. It's all very staged and predictable, even a little bit tired now, but I still watch every episode and I still love it for what it is
  14. I don’t seem to get much problem with clumping from my grinder and especially as I use a teaspoon to transfer it to the portafilter. I think i might as well go all out and get a dosing cup too so I’ve got the choice and can experiment with different ways til I can find a workflow that suits me
  15. Hank you both for the recommendation of a dosing funnel, I’ll order the one you recommend @CocoLoco. I’ve been weighing beans into a small metal dish and then grinding back into the dish, then using a teaspoon to spoon them into the portafilter basket, so it’s a bit fiddly at the moment and I’d rather skip that step if I can help it
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