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  1. Pulled pork, up at 6:30 lighting and on for about 12 hours! Didn’t have time to take pulled pictures though
  2. I’ve never used one but also heard great things, great for keeping accurate temperatures
  3. I got a Big green egg as a leaving present from my old job, and its great, can smoke things for 12 hours+ without touching it to adjust the temp, and on the other hand can get it hot enough to do pizza... but as said above i would rather get a Roccbox for pizzas!
  4. just use a bechemel (cheese sauce!) I've made a few, unfortunately no pictures I'm afraid, and have mixed opinions on them!
  5. Not a truer word was said, haven't heard that saying for a while! What kitchens did you work in?
  6. You’ll have to try Stokes Chipotle ketchup, goes with anything and everything... And lockdown has made me make a lot of baked goods, and top of the list has to be salted caramel custard or a mocha custard tart!
  7. Thank you very much, that’s a much clearer version of what the bank have said! I don’t hold much hope for a refund but fingers crossed! and yes if things do seem too good to be true they usually are! Thanks all for the advice
  8. Hello, sorry if this is in the wrong section! Has anybody been scammed on Facebook marketplace before? If so is there anything I can do? A long story short I thought I purchased a Sage Dual Boiler for what I thought was a great price, but as soon as money was transferred the advert/seller and my money all disappeared. I’m not looking for sympathy, I was stupid and ignored the signs (of which there were a few), hindsight is a wonderful thing, the excitement of a new coffee machine clouded everything... I was just wondering if anyone had done something similar? I have dealt with
  9. Hello, I am new to this side of the coffee world. Always enjoyed drinking coffee, My parents used to have a delonghi bean to cup job, and now lockdown/quarantine has sent me down the rabbit hole of making better espresso, Watching videos, researching machines etc... I am slightly embarrassed to admit I currently have a Delonghi Icona, and a Nespresso machines which was bought for the ease and speed in the mornings. After finding and watching James Hoffman’s YouTube channel, I want to up my coffee making game, I am looking to upgrade machines, I like the look of the Sage barista
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