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  1. Hey guys - wonder if I could grab some advice, we recently set up a mobile coffee bar from our renovated Smart Car and are looking into licensing. We have not decided where to trade yet but are looking at driving around and selling from the street/busy car parks at weekends. Would we be able to use a Peddlers licence for this? From what I can see online you need a street traders licence but you need to know what council to trade in? What do other mobile units use to trade when travelling around? Thanks for any help!
  2. having an LPG machine installed into our renovated smart car next week and trying to do some calculations but in a pickle! Could anyone help advise what size gas they use and how long the it lasts? for example how many coffees can you sell per certain size of gas canister? tight on space so trying to see what will work best thanks!
  3. yes i will do! how long does your battery tend to last?
  4. thanks so so much that's really helpful. when you say the machine only draws 50w when on gas - do you mean when it is stationary and not in use? then additional 300w when in use? have you factored in 640w being at total capacity? as opposed to using a % based calculation depending on when the machines are in use? what battery do you use with the inverter?
  5. can anyone help on this thread? i'm in a similar boat - we have a WEGA group 2 machine that is dual fuel and i'm trying to calculate my power requirements. Does anyone know what power the group 2 machines typically use? If it is using gas for the bigger jobs like steam/hot water etc then surely the elec requirement is a lot lower, but i'm unsure as to how much? can anyone help with a correct ratio to calculate?
  6. Do you also run a flojet pump from your battery/inverter too?
  7. I've just set up and have a dual fuel machine. I'm trying to work out the power requirements, the machine is 3000W but we will use as dual fuel so I expect the machine to be using a lot less power. I'm not sure how much to factor into my calculations though, Black Cat Coffee - what do you factor in?
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