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  1. New Gaggia bottomless portafilter and 18g VST basket! any tips for getting started?
  2. Ahhh thanks! I have to say because I was weighing out the coffee and then putting into the basket, the distribution was also inherently better - rather than grinding straight into the thing! I have found 18g is quite a lot for the classic with it choking previously at this amount (though not with these beans).
  3. Hey guys, I’m in a good mood. Just pulled a really nice shot - first time in ages! I just can’t tell how I fixed my issue - any ideas? Would be great to know so I can learn what I did right. Long and short of it was that I was getting quite a acidic taste (sort of lemon like) from my shots. 18g in and 36g out in around 35 seconds. Gaggia classic with PId. I tried the salami shot and found that the flavour I was getting was the sort of taste you’d get right from the first drops of espresso which hit the cup. it just seemed to be the dominant flavour throughout the whole c
  4. Ooo now we are talking - better get my credit card out!
  5. Yeah the OPV is down at 9 (I think - the previous owner said they did it!). dimmer - Thanks I’ll check that out!
  6. Hi guys, pre-2015 Classic. Loving it so far. Have done the following: 1. New gasket. 2. Racilio steam wand. 3. Shades PID kit. is there any other upgrades I can do? cheers
  7. Hahaha you’re not the only one! The @MrShades PID kit is awesome and makes a big difference.
  8. OPV set to 9 bar. I’m not keen to change this and add another variable
  9. Last night did the thermometer drip tray trick. Room temp this morning was 21 degrees. PID showed 14 degrees, +8 for the offset and we get 22 degrees so fairly accurate and if anything its over reading, not under reading the temp. Therefore, my setting it to 97 was a bad move! PID now set to 93 degrees. Tastes much better - I think I was getting bitter and sour confused. 35 second shot tastes less acidic than 30 second but I quite like some acidity to I guess go somewhere in the middle? First drops of espresso appear at about 7 seconds after turning pump on - is that a little slow?
  10. Ahhh! I’ve confused myself now! Right, tomorrow I’m going to muck about with temperature and temperature only to see if that’s the issue
  11. I just think the 8 degrees is too much based on the room temp issue and it seeming a little cold so I’ve upped it to 96 on the screen.
  12. Sorry I should clarify, the 8 degree offset is programmed into the PID settings. So I should technically set whatever temp on the screen which I want to brew at and not have to take the offset into account myself each time .
  13. So the default offset mrshades advises is -8 degrees. Therefore a gross error check would be that on turning on first thing in morning, the PID would indicate room temperature -8 degrees. Often using that check it reads my room temp as 25 degrees which it defs isn’t - more like 22. Therefore it’s taking off too much so I’ve added a couple of degrees and it’s not burning coffee...
  14. Bloody hell! The perfect shot was probably at 35 seconds (5 seconds away) but I’ve been messing with it all now! Alas until the morning before further messing.
  15. Hey guys, thanks for all the support! I forgot to mention I have the shades PID installed. Hopefully therefore temperature is controlled but I do think the 8 degree offset is probably a bit much so I have the PID set to 96 degrees rather than 93. i was under the impression that 30 seconds was the max permissible time for espresso? Anything outside that was not espresso?
  16. Thanks! I know that a 30 second shot tastes better than 25 second so that would surely go with the sour and under extracted theory? If it helps it’s the Blackcat signature blend!
  17. Hey guys, trying some new beans in my classic, grinder is a specialita. 18g coffee in (max dose for my basket) and 36G espresso out in 30s. So the correct timing (In fact at the slow end of the bracket) and brew ratio but it tastes sour and under extracted. what should I do? If I grind finer as i normally would for sour taste then the shot timing would be more than 30 seconds to get the correct brew ratio.
  18. Hmmmm thanks all. im putting probably 2 days worth beans in the hopper at a time the rest in sealed air tight bag and all roasted locally in last 14 days. The amount does vary a bit in the hopper but I assumed because the specialita grinds for a set number of seconds and delivers a certain dose that dose would be consistent regardless of hopper amount? didn’t realise I needed to purge stale grounds - is that just before first coffee each day? I’ll look into WDT and the channel - cheers
  19. Hey guys, after loads of great advice on here and help from BlackCat and Shades, I now have quite a nice first setup for a Specialita grinder and Classic with PID and Rancilio Wand. a few weeks and lots of coffee later my skills are much improved and I can now make a truly tasty shot! however, I’m having day to day inconsistency. One day I will her first drops of espresso after 5 seconds, perfect brew ratio and nice taste. The next, ive got slow shot, bitter and over extracted and the day after I’ve got waaay to fast and sour. Haven’t changed a thing! No change to grind, no
  20. Thanks! Yes its the timing that is the issue - either too slow or too fast and sometimes out of one spout of portafilter despite best tamping efforts! I haven't been purging the grinder through at all! That may be an issue. Could anyone here confirm whether the adjustment to grind needs to be done whilst the grinder is grinding or can it be done at any point? Don't want to break anything! Cheers
  21. Hi guys, new to the rabbit hole of espresso. As per previous newbie post - I'm coming over from a Delonghi bean to cup. My new setup arrived this week: New Eureka Specialita grinder, used pre 2015 Gaggia classic, Mota tamper and some decent scales. I started by trying to pull doubles with some cheap beans from waitrose and didn't have much luck but my skills were awful and the results very inconsistent. I wasted loads of beans and got frustrated so decided the logical thing to do was to switch to pulling singles as less waste per unsuccessful shot. Anyway after major
  22. She doesn’t mind if I add lots and lots of milk or syrup - essentially the more like a pudding the better
  23. The lesson has been learnt! Thanks for all your help. I have gone with the Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder and the Classic (pre 2015) as the setup along with a few bits. Big thanks to Black Cat for all the advice and time spent and for sorting me out with the grinder! The bean to cup has also been sold
  24. Well from your signature it’s not going to be a Sage 🙃
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