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  1. I can help you with any suppliers in Spain. Puchero, Nomad, Right Side Coffee, Specialty Mountain Coffee, 1000Cups, Randall, San Agustin... Good luck!! And good coffe!!
  2. Thanks a lot!!! I”ll try every single advice. Really appreciate that
  3. I’m using a regular kettle... I know... do you think could I reproduce this recipe with 9 pours?
  4. Thanks a lot!! Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  5. Do you know this retailer in Madrid? https://www.ecafe.es/tienda/cafeteras/273-lelit-annita-pl042em.html
  6. Tapatalk is working again from Europe!! Thanks a lot!!!
  7. Sorry about the double post but i wonder if i ask for any help here When handling for deep cleaning, rotation and face down the grinder CM 800, the pulser that activates grinding directly on the filter came out. Now it is completely loose although it works. I´d appreciate some advice Thank you very much in advance!!
  8. Hi there! Asking for any help. When handling the grinder for deep cleaning, one of the small springs of the safety device ended up inside the engine area. To retrieve it, I loosened the screws that allowed me to move the main body of the grinder and after placing it face down, the spring came out ... but also the button that activates grinding directly on the filter holder. Now it is completely loose and although it works I would like to repair it. I'd appreciate some advice Thank you very much!! Sorry I can’t rotate the photos
  9. potter985

    Mara X

    Maybe a problem with solenoid valve?
  10. potter985

    Mara X

    Any advice to do a second roud of capuccinos? I asume is better to wait for temperature stability 15 min ish
  11. I´m trying but I can´t access yet from Europe. Correct: I see the forum via Tapatalk in Cloudfare, then change my password but i can´t use my registered account (Forum Error SSO 2.). Cloudfare looks like a browser, tapatalk not working for me as used to be... Appreciate the effort!!
  12. A video from @Wiredgourmet (a few post above)
  13. Could you recommend any free vpn uk server for ios?
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