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  1. Hi, may I please have it at £13.50 if not sold yet, thank you
  2. Hi could you do the knock box for £12 posted please? (2nd class would be ok if i helps lower cost a little ;)) thanks
  3. Fantastic idea mate, try drop the mods a dm @Rhys
  4. Ah nice! Ok just the cup it is then - drop me your paypal when you have a mo
  5. Hi Joe, is the saucer LM branded or other ?
  6. saw a few members reply to a similar thread, not long ago too
  7. 0 reviews, speaks for itself really
  8. If i was a mod i would have shifted this to sold from the moment you came back ! Seriously if there is anyone to buy this particular beast from its our resident grandmaster of the lever arts @coffeechap !
  9. thanks, I've not been active since Christmas so only just noticed that I couldn't post!
  10. Agree with @Mulligrub some really helpful info on this thread. I found keeping my overall shot time in the 35-40 sec ballpark (inc preinfusion) made my col/braz espresso blend more palatable.
  11. If you can find a naked pf, i read somewhere that it can be paired with the LP 51mm baskets
  12. Thanks for sharing gents !
  13. Anyone know when the new rules came into force ? was there an email or announcement ?
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