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  1. Thanks @Magic Beans for all the info, really useful stuff and I think would be helpful on the Sage forum. My solenoid is intermittently buzzy, hence why I think a replacement needs to happen at some point. I was going to buy the whole lot with the washers and base, but did a replacement of just the outer bit fix buzzing for you?
  2. fantastic price! If you dont mind me asking, who did you use for the PTFE washers, and where did you get the solenoid? All sold out when I last checked!
  3. Sorry @Zohar @Zorkin this has been sold.
  4. The DB heats up faster and has a timed shot function, which fits my workflow better in the mornings. I also found myself forgetting to turn off the HX so it ends up on all day... Sometimes the eco mode actually is useful
  5. I can actually directly answer your question as I've used both! Nicer looking (imo), manual preinfusion, better steam control, better build, and made from proper commercial bits. Oscar actually had better steam power but you definitely had to steam more at once. The volumetrics are quite impressive but there's just something nice about the e61.
  6. Up for sale is my Quickmill Andreja Premium. The reference is 0980 and is grossly similar to the modern 0980. I have used it sparingly and cleanly, and I am the second owner. The machine has only had clean water (Tesco Ashbeck at first, then Brita Max filtered), so has never had any massive issues with scale. I have dismantled the group head and OPV in 2020, descaled and cleaned. Purchased from Bella Barista originally. The retail price on these now is around £1500. I have "side-graded" to a Sage Dual Boiler, which is more suitable to my use case, but this is an amazing machine tha
  7. I think KG79 can be modified to grind finer, but it's not very capable. Is your budget £150 total, or is it a machine upgrade + £150 for the grinder? A used Eureka Mignon can sometimes be had around 150, which is a decent grinder with a Gaggia Classic. I had a great time with that combo.
  8. Vesuvius in the buy and sell section, which uses a rotary pump! I currently use a DB as well and I am thinking of buying the Vesuvius!
  9. @FairRecycler Thank you very much, I think I will go a different direction as it will be too much effort for you, and I don't think there is enough material to drill a deep enough hole. I'll have to try and epoxy the original handle back together, or purchase a replacement handle from one of the custom makers. I've actually modified a couple of Gaggia portafilters to work properly with the sage for the time being. Just requires a bit of filing! The sage portafilters are indeed steel, and are excellent quality.
  10. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough! I've got the 58mm dual boiler, otherwise I'd have just got a third party one. Unfortunately it appears nobody makes a decent third party one. I'll have an ask around the members and see if I could work something out. Thanks all
  11. Thanks for your info, I only say M10 as I think I read about somebody who did that. Happy with any thread that can fit a normal portafilter handle, just want to get it back in action instead of spending £60!
  12. Hi all, I'm looking for somebody to cut and drill my sage DB portafilter. I've unfortunately broken the handle and don't want to keep the bakelite, and would rather have a wood handle on an M10 screw thread. Does anyone know of somebody who can provide this service at a reasonable price? I don't know anybody with the right equipment personally, and there are only industrial workshops near me. Thanks!
  13. Mid roast (darkwoods coffee sunshine blend) 92C, sometimes 93 if I've just turned the machine on and I'm in a rush. 10s preinfusion, 38s total, 18.5g in to 40g out. Default 55% pump pressure. I only really drink milk drinks and the occasional macchiato, and this works fantastic I extended the preinfusion because my puck prep isn't fantastic first thing in the morning, and I was getting some channelling on 7s preinfusion. I also use a slightly deeper basket, which takes longer to fill.
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