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  1. I wasn't aware of this either but typed 'VST basket barcode' into Google and saw one online retailer selling them with the line 'Guaranteed for one year, with documentation on the individual basket's manufacture and quality control. (Available via the QR code stamped on the side of the basket!)' I've tried it on mind and it didn't work. I wonder if the report card that comes with them is what you would find if you were able to scan the QR code?
  2. You'll be spoilt for choice in those areas. You should certainly try Notes in St Martin's Lane.
  3. Hi Joe, I'm not entirely clear on what's happening but I'll try and help. Before you use the steam wand have you made an espresso beforehand or do you turn the machine on and then use it for steam? Also do you know about the trick to flick the steam switch on and then wait around 20-30 seconds before opening the steam valve? Russ.
  4. I have an on/off relationship with Algerian Coffee Stores but I've previously had their Velluto Nero which I thought was very good. I see they've just updated their website so it might be worth a browse on that too as you have plenty of choice. Hope this helps..
  5. I was going to order from them recently but now refuse to having seen that their minimum transaction value is £7.50 and yet their beans sell for around £5.10 and postage is £2! A recent email asking why this pricing structure meant I couldn't buy most of their beans went unanswered so I went elsewhere. Hope this helps. Russ.
  6. Russ Evans

    New Red Brick

    Interesting as this is from the Square Mile site... From the Fazenda Sertão you can expect an intensely buttery, syrupy mouthfeel with notes of toasted nuts, cocoa and molasses. This is a wonderfully sweet coffee, and combines with milk superbly. From the Samaniego you will find buckets of juicy tropical fruit, and a honey sweetness. Notes of mango, passion fruit and ripe orange citrus add stunning complexity and tastiness to the blend. From the La Serrania you should get a very strong tropical fruit nose, followed by peach, apricots and sweet red berries. This is all topped off by a intense golden syrup sweetness. This version of the blend was created and released on March 7th 2012. Russ.
  7. Russ Evans

    New Red Brick

    As far as I'm aware v3 isn't available yet. There were some recent updates from James on Twitter saying 'coming soon' but there hasn't been anything recently.. Russ.
  8. Not sure if you saw the Tweet from Square Mile this week but it appears there will be another update to Red Brick in a couple of weeks.. Russ..
  9. Hi Andy, Thanks for the explanation of your pressure testing rig. Just one question - can you explain the use of the tape please? I can't see from your pictures how it's used. Many thanks, Russ.
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