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  1. Pleevus

    UK Based Roasters

    Little Fin Roastery in Leigh-on-Sea are worth adding to the list. https://www.littlefinroastery.com/
  2. Thanks for the towels @MildredM they're great!
  3. Machine is working wonders on the water. Went to empty the tank today and noticed that it removed so much scum from the water, that it was actually visible on the surface of the remaining water. Having seen the inside of the water mains, I'm not surprised in the slightest!
  4. No worries. We're in Essex and the tap water tastes good too.
  5. @Fez There's a group buy going if you're still interested?
  6. After couple of days with the machine, we're really happy. Even the tea is tasting better.
  7. @MildredM I'd like to order a couple of towels, do you prefer through Etsy or direct messages?
  8. I recently bought a Mara X and a 58mm Motta leveling tool before realising the portafilter basket is 58.55mm. Is the extra little wiggle room likely to have that much of an adverse affect on the levelling when I tamp after anyway? Still awaiting grinder at the moment so can't really dial in properly, but thought someone else would have the answer.
  9. Ours gave the alert when the level was just off of the tank filter.
  10. Our BGE does exactly the same, if it gets really hot it sweats black liquid which I assume bleeds through from the inside. We have the white deposits too. Not sure it's anything to worry about.
  11. Machine arrived today. Thanks @badgerman for sorting.
  12. Same here, received the filters yesterday. Hopefully the machine arrives today.
  13. Still looking if anyone spots a good deal.
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