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  1. I can't combine black coffee (is it the correct term for any coffee without milk and sugar?) with any food since my coffee started coming out tasty (not just a black bitter liquid) 😭
  2. Nice stuff! Have you compared C40 and Niche, do they make a noticeable difference in a cup?
  3. No, as I mentioned before it's a brand new never been used. Any questions are welcome. I can pull it out of the box and take any pictures if anyone is interested. Comes with a good steel 58mm tamper. Thanks.
  4. I have two similar E8, one I have been using every day and another one is brand new in a box for sale.
  5. A portable hoover has not been taken into the shot 😜
  6. Yes, it's packed in a box and never been used.
  7. Brand new Compak E8 OD white color. Flat 83mm burrs, 3 time programmed buttons, lcd display, etc. The box was opened only for inspection purposes. Looking for £900 shipped.
  8. Has been upgraded a bit since then 🤤
  9. Sure, sorry for didn't mention it. It's made of maple, and the tamper is 49.5mm
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