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  1. Niche said they have an announcement on the 5th June...... is it worth ordering a Niche Zero now or waiting incase something new is released?
  2. @Apr1985 i ordered a few pieces in the week and heard nothing since. Would appreciate if you’d let me know what they say 👍
  3. @tomsweddy you can, you have to hold the black and silver pieces separately and twist them. They are tight at first but will adjust
  4. I found getting a good grip was the hardest part. I ended up putting a rubber band around the silver part so it gave me the grip I needed to adjust it to the minimum
  5. Yes it’s adjustable, it’s pretty stiff to turn it doesn’t go super low though so bear that in mind. But you should be able to adjust it higher and lower from how it arrives
  6. Sage have these now in stock on their website. I have seen a few asking for them and I was after one but they were sold out for a while
  7. Yeah it was way too deep for me “that’s what she said” no it’s 54mm
  8. @CocoLoco hey, I’m using rave coffee at the moment. Just curious when you say you needed 19g with Rave, is that to get the taste you want or to get the shot and timing right? Im using a barista pro, currently using their signature blend, 16g in, I’m on grind setting 2 and upper burr set to 4 and I’m now getting a great tasting consistent 32/33 seconds shot. I didn’t get on with the motta tool but have a Crema one on order to try
  9. Agree with @Dalerst, I sent mine back. 16/17g is the maximum I’d of used it at, I want something with a thinner minimum adjustment
  10. @Callumm best place is defo selling it to me 😂 I’d be interested to know what machine people would recommend to partner this with, under £1000 ideally
  11. Thanks for the replies guys 👍
  12. Good evening all, I was wondering if people were using any better single wall double shot baskets than the one supplied with their barista pro or express machines? if so I’d love to see what you’ve found and know what you think about them Thanks
  13. Thank you all for your replies, very helpful
  14. Hi everyone Im a new owner of a sage barista pro, I’ve done my best to try and find the answer before posting so apologies if it is covered. I am curious to know, should my machine warm up from just turning it on? Should the PF become warm, top of the machine (cup rack) also become warm? ive seen a lot of you say to do various warm up procedures such as a double, single, single, double to get the machine temp up and warm up the PF which I’ve been doing, but I’ve also heard people say their machine gets warm just by turning it on and waiting which my machine does not do. Any
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