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  1. Rebel - I could try a warranty claim but wear and tear is excluded from the warranty and due to Covid, the dealer I purchased the machine is closed and nobody knows how long for. So for speed, I’ll replace the valve myself. I’ve opened up the machine and it appears to use the same valve as the 2015 machine. Robti - I’ve seen the mod and will give it a go once I swop out the valve.
  2. Hi, I have a Gaggia Classic 2019 and the steam wand has started dripping whenever I turn on the steam function. I clean and de-calc every 1-2 months and the machine is about 16 months old. From reading the forum, it appears this dripping is a sign the steam valve needs replacing. Does anybody know if the pre-2015 steam valve fits the 2019 model? I can't find any steam valves listed for sale for the 2019 model, only those for the 2015 model. I have tried to contact GaggiaDirect but they aren't answering their phone and I've spoken to a UK based seller of Gaggia parts who isn't sure. I
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