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  1. Thats so you Cats, Dog's and the Bats outside could appreciate your taste in music.
  2. Yes I gathered that, couldn't help myself mocking them. Mind you, its probably the best thing they can do, disguise their coffee so you don't notice the awful taste.
  3. Sounds to me like it needs a jolly good clean. All grinders have retention in that they retain some of the grounds in voids and spaces within the machine, after a while these will fall or jamb up the mechanisms. Most of us that have separate grinders and espresso machines will clean the grinders regularly by removing the burrs and giving things a good bruch through. Also we regularly clean the machine by backlashing with cleaning powder to remove sticky coffee oils etc. As previously mentioned de-scaling periodically is a good thing (even if you have a reasonably good water supply, Helps keep everything clean. You could try doing brew cycles without coffee to flush through.
  4. Hi. You don't say why you think it needs a service. The condition of the boiler, 3 way valve and Steam valve will depend on a number of factors. First off is the machine running ok. What water do you use, is it bottled, RO, Filtered or just straight tap water. If tap, how hard is it. Have you descaled regularly. if all of the above is on the good side (tesco Asbeck or RO water, Regular Desacle etc), it might not need an in-depth service. If you are at the stage where you need a strip down descale, all of the water path after the pump will need attention. There is not a lot too stripping and servicing the machine, The difficult parts are the boiler bolts. Just label everything well and photograph. Plenty of people have done it on this forum, look at the info available.
  5. Sorrr for not being clear. I’m after the white double connector, I have the red ones and the crimp tool.
  6. Does anybody have a source of supply of these type connectors please
  7. I cannot pinpoint a single thing that changed my coffee journey, but a number of signiclifiant upgrades that still continues. Like @dfk41I drank anything, but mostly instant (Still i was fussy with heating the milk first). I'd dabbled a bit in the past with a cheap (very cheap) expresso machine in the office, the espresso was to my taste then ok; then I went contracting and was introduced to the bean to cup machine. Following this i brought a nespresso machine and used this for years. In about 2015 I found myself working in an office in Warrington where I was introduced to the aeropress. Instant hit, I soon had my own with a Feldgrind. (But still used the Nespresso at home). Then I stopped working away and discovered this forum and discovered the power of freshly roasted coffee beans vs supermarket. Brought my Gaggia Classic from @AndyDClements and paired it with the feld. The aeropress was used for travel (for which I brought an Aergrind). Roll on a good few months and I finally got the Niche (Thanks @DavecUK), which I love. takes all the effort out of hand grinding). Unfortunately cant afford to upgrade to a Dual Boiler yet (as I drink only large milk based drinks Dual Boiler would suit), but have brought a couple of very cheap Gaggia TS's which are a longer term project. Alas the Gaggia is broken at the moment (overhaul in progress slowly as I get time ) so Its back to the aeropress but using the niche to fill that so thats ok.
  8. Sounds like a problem with the PID if there is 240v at the power input when you switch on. At this point I’d contact Mr Shades as @El carajillo suggests.
  9. Uk Stock still available too. Fantastic grinder
  10. Do you have any lights on the SSD relay's?
  11. They are still available on the Niche website for October Delivery.
  12. Might be more accurate to say, when used in cheaper machines they are not very good, after all Decent use them.
  13. I think you have answered your own question. Given the above. the best option would be the Cafelat Robot as its the only one without a heating element. (Never used one myself) All the others will require some water care even if you live in a very soft water area. And of course all the machines will require some basic maintenance on a regular basis. Personally, as a drinker of milk based drinks myself i'd go for the dual boiler, with the Niche and an Osmio Zero for the water. (the last two I have paired with a Gaggia Classic)
  14. @bbstrikesagain On your second photo, I noticed that you haven't got the vent pipe fitted (nut with hole in it at the bottom left of the photo). Makes more of a mess without it.
  15. So many good performances, it's hard to pick just one, Led Zeppelin at Knebworth, Cream at the Royal Albert, Ted Nugent at Hammy Odeon, ZZ Top same venue, Black Sabbath - Seven & Hell tour with Ronny James Did on vocals, UFO to name but a few.
  16. I like the bottom left one.
  17. I recently brought a Niche, so can vouch for how cleanly the grinds leave the grinding cup. I too use a funnel to dose my VST baskets and then give them a tap to level off then stir them with a cocktail stick then tamp.
  18. You could recommend that he advertises on here.
  19. One begets the other i'm afraid. A decent grinder will be light years ahead of pre-ground coffee. Once you get what you want and then change to a decent unpressurised basket and grinder, you will be asking the same questions as the pre-ground won't hack it.
  20. Hi Andy. No same machine. I had to replace one of the SSR’s a while ago but everything else is the same. The last picture is not my Boiler (the first 2 pics are).
  21. Got it at last. Had to hold the coil body with a spanner and give the nut a sharp jerk, that freed it. thanks for your help.
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