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  1. Sorry, original post deleted ....Miss read quote sequence
  2. It begs the question as to why you need to replace them with only a year of domestic operation? Has your original burr set got a number on the back (as displayed in the picture of your new set above). If you goggle Mazzer and the number (in this case 0189) you get Mazzer burrs come up in the search
  3. Perhaps someone with far more Gaggia Classic knowledge can explain that one.
  4. It's not the boilers that are rated at 1425w, the 1425w relates to the total power consumption of the machine. If your 1200w machine has the same boilers as the 1425w machine then surely the machine has been incorrectly rated?, as you point out 2x 680 = 1360w
  5. I just put a dish cloth on top of the drip tray when brewing to protect my scales, then its readily available for when I need to clean the steam wand.
  6. OMG such tragic news. Genius songwriter. Creator of one of the best selling albums of all time. Such a sad loss.
  7. Yes the older one might have the 1425w boiler ad opposed to 1200/1300w of the later ones. There is always a chance that the earlier one will have a larger solenoid valve too. If it was me, i'd go for the earlier one, but check the spot welds on the case
  8. A lot of difference between miserable and cynical šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚. Now Iā€™m. Right cynical bas***d
  9. I would put the machine back to original configuration and check wiring is correct using online circuit diagram information. Check that it operates correctly in standard build and sort out ant problems before attempting to modify. Then i'd go for a dual SSR as per mr shades.
  10. Big shoutout to @DavecUKfor organising this.
  11. Successful payment this time. Finally.....
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