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  1. Ha Ha Andy, I've still not convinced my of the benefits of owning one yet, and as cash is short, looks like it's not gonna be high on the priority list.
  2. I'll have them posted if Inspector dropped out, thanks
  3. MBK have the Feld47 on sale on the website for £130. there is only 1 available atm .
  4. Other manual grinders that get good reviews are:- 1) Comandante C40 2) Kinu M47 3) 1zpresso. I don't have experience of any of the above though.
  5. Made by Knock grinders are difficult to get hold of. They occasionally turn up secondhand. If buying new, look on their website, that do advertise when they are adding more stock, but you have to be quick as they seem to sell out fast. One word of warning though. MBK customer service is notoriously bad.
  6. @daveyoung. yes the Feldfrind is far Superior OMHO. There are other manual grinders that are as good and better than the Feld, but the Feld is a good grinder capable of grinding a good espresso grind, and it's British made.
  7. @daveyoung. "More so every bag, which I think a hopper would be perfectly suited for. However the Niche seems hugely popular and from all the reviews it sounds like even though it’s single dosed, the larger burrs and then design is still way above other machines at higher price points. " How many coffee's do you make at a time and how many each day. This should determine if you need a hopper or not. Pouring a bag into a hopper then leaving them to sit there for a few days is not a good thing. thats why the Niche is popular at single dose. Personally I use a Feldgrind.
  8. £65 is reasonable, if its not has a lot through it. Hell at that price, I'd consider buying it for spares.
  9. Hi Zephyr. What sort of price are you looking for it and one of the baskets please.
  10. Hi Andy. How’s things? Problem was, I wasn’t operating the machine at the time, it was warming up. As you say, double sided tape gave up the ghost. I just sat the PUD on top of the plastic filler tray and turned my back when it started to rattle. have brewed two cups since powering it back up and bleeding it through like you suggested, and it’s been ok.
  11. Been following these Osmio threads for a while now. One question, How do you bring the water back to Gaggia Classic boiler spec (or other coffee machine's for that matter). I assume you don't just use it as is
  12. Don't I know it. I used to drive to Manchester and back every week. Keeps the area relatively unspoilt and the house prices reasonable though.
  13. As you can see it’s very clean. I have re-attached the PID to the side of the case and powered the machine up. It behaved itself very well and everything functioned ad it should I think. I have taken a video, can I just attached as a file here. Believe it or not, whilst I have watched a fair few YouTube videos, I’ve never felt the need to upload one.
  14. Hi All. Here is the picture with the lid off
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