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  1. Don't think that import duties would apply to anything brought from the EU, but VAT would now be payable IMHO as things from the EU are no longer Duty Free. Same would apply if exporting to the EU i suppose
  2. A few people recondition ild Gaggia Classics on here, keep looking in the for sale sections, and advertise in the wanted section. A few of these people will tell you what they have coming up. You will know that they have been properly overhauled on here. There is also a Gaggia Tebe in the for sale section atm. Good luck
  3. No offence or disrespect taken. I can understand you not wanting to sell it. I did think about selling my Classic and purchasing it myself, but I need to overhaul the steam valve (normal leek) and your machine now has a bid.
  4. I've done my homework though. A used Gaggia Classic should get around £200, so I don't think £250 is over-ambitious as a starting price. I've got 25 watchers already, so I've not given up hope yet! I'm not saying its not worth the money you've started at; ( I think its a great looking machine and if I was looking for a new machine i'd be happy to purchase it); more just reflecting on auction strategy.
  5. There's your starting point. I might have been more inclined to have put a lower starting price but put a minimum reserve on it
  6. Hi All I really like the Mystery roast No13 from coffee compass. I intend to order another 3Kg before it runs out. I'm the only drinker in the house so it will last 4 months. I'm intending to purchase some 250g valve coffee storage bags (Like what they would arrive in straight from the roasters if I brought 250g bags), and weigh the coffee into the bags then close up and freeze until required for use. What do other bulk buyers think of this solution.
  7. Hey David. Pretty sure you are aware, but just in case your not, your website seems to be down 

    1. BlackCatCoffee


      I didn’t know actually so thank you. It is all live again now. 

  8. Agreed. However whilst a lot of breakers are of the combined type (RCBO) on each circuit, in practice, unless it's a new house or a consumer unit change the set up is likely to be a dual RCD board with each RCD supporting a bank of MCB's (Overload trips).
  9. One thing to remember, It is usually a fault to earth that takes out an RCD. Over current (too much current) usually just takes out the MCB.
  10. @dbeckett. Excellent, let's go to PM. I will require it posting please
  11. If you do break it, I'll take the screen and block at asking please.
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