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  1. Welcome to the group. Lots of expert advice here to help with choosing a machine but you need to draw up a list of features and rank them then the search begins. No dealers here apart from ECM. Italy has various ones mentioned in Fórum (elektros .it with one to avoid. Best regards from Centro.
  2. Welcome to the forum from the middle of Portugal. The wine is excellent and not difficult to find. Good roasters are more of a problem and finding dealers to supply decent machines. A really nice place to live though.
  3. If the PC is connected to Internet may I suggest the following: 1. on your Mac subscribe to iCloud storage using the settings from your/ registered user. Costs a few £ a month. Once subscribe copy your photos (upload) which will take time depending on how big the file is and your internet upload speed. It could take hours. Enjoy some coffee. 2. On the PC download iCloud and install 3. Login to the PC iCloud and your photos will appear eventually. They can be accessed from any Apple device that is logged into the account. apologies for idiots guide. After retiring from teaching ICT it is hard to not so do. regards from sunny Portugal and hope this helps
  4. We enjoy 2 or 3 milky coffees a day as prt of our retirement. I am at the end of a long journey with various machines and would appreciate advice from users of possible replacement for the Sage dual that has the joy of a buzzing solenoid. Repair is not an option as we are in the middle of Portugal. saga started with Silvia and Rocky then NS Oscar x2 both corroded. Mignon was an improvement decided to splash out on Quick Mill Verona following a good review by DaveC. Also a Compaq k10 which is only just run in after six years. A few months after moving here PID died and no replacement possible. went back to a Silvia but missed the dual boiler so when Amazon had an offer on Sage moved to this. I am looking for a replacement that is going to last with minor servicing. requirements: Longevity. I will probably last 10-15 years so this time scale manual operation so that I can play. I don’t want to just push a button. rotary pump would be nice. Needs to be tank fed price is not crucial if it meets my needs. thoughts are Lelit Branca, Protec 600. comments will be welcomed Alan
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