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  1. Thanks! I got three baskets with my second hand classic and never knew what the difference in these two single baskets was (not that I ever used them!)
  2. Here goes. For espresso, this is still too light for me - but it does look more like coffee. I’ll try another brew method later. My first two were too fast, thin and sour but I’ve got bored and need my morning coffee so put in some Italian job (first try with that coffee too!) for those that asked - I’ve not had much more other than “bin the old stuff” and a different pack of coffee to try.
  3. The wait is over. I have the second coming and we shall see if it solves everything 😁
  4. Great information on toxins etc. Thanks. To be fair to the roasters their response was bin it, and they’d send me some more to try. So we'll see what we get this time! Your final point is noted.
  5. Thanks all, have emailed roaster to see what they say. Am particularly interested that quite a few folk seem to think the roast is that light it could be unhealthy!? I'll have to look this up. For all those that asked questions about my kit, I have finally found the signature section and updated this to make things easier for all. Appreciated. Moved on to some El Salvador now....
  6. Part of espresso tasting pack : lightly roasted to emphasise the signature Ethiopian fruity flavour notes. The light roast also perfectly balances the acidity to give a smooth, clean taste and texture... https://divinecoffee.co.uk/products/ethiopian-250g Well, unless divine have some ... er, suitable intervention... I’ll just leave this here and find a different chapter to open.
  7. Thanks for honesty, will go back and question wtf the roasters were thinking.
  8. I’m on a Eureka Mignon specialita And gaggia classic with PID. Pictures attached of beans and puck. Very very light colour puck and falls apart easily unlike other ones (maybe less oil in bean?). I too gave up and put it in a french press. Might try the Espresso machine again if anyone has good tips or thinks it will work 😆
  9. Just get sour/thin espresso. Have tried higher temp and finer grind, to the point where the machine stalls, but I can’t get a decent espresso out of this bean. any ideas? Or just the wrong method to extract this bean?
  10. Will do @jaffro and will take you up on the offer should things look a little crusty 🤣
  11. Ok, thanks all. anyone have any idea of what new fasteners are likely? I don’t really want to get part way through and have to wait for another delivery of bits to be able to get going again. Plus with a toddler, leaving parts and machines anywhere except ceiling level is taking a risk 🤣
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