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  1. I switched over to IMS last month and got serious channeling afterwards. Couldn't figure it out for a bit but then noticed a lot of grounds collecting on the showerscreen and fixed it by downdosing from 14g to 13.5g as the puck was scraping the showerscreen and becoming disturbed. I'm fairly sure it's installed correctly as the porfafilter was turned to 9o'clock to push it in place. Has anyone else noticed a drop in basket capacity?
  2. https://www.home-barista.com/levers/la-pavoni-water-leaking-out-of-shower-after-boiling-once-pressurised-and-settles-t45066-10.html i found this thread on home-barista. Having had a read and watch of the videos embedded, i'm guessing it's a problem with the piston gaskets so will have a go at replacing those first.
  3. Had a test this morning and 75ml dripped out. This is bigger than the group, which in any case should be empty as the lever is fully down. The water starts dripping after the anti vac has plopped. The flow is heaviest soon afterwards but continues to drip for a couple of minutes after before tailing off. Once the flow had tailed off, I flushed through, wiped the screen dry and left it to idle. No further drips were observed . I’ll post this over on the LP forum on Facebook.
  4. Interesting on the false pressure, I didn’t know that re newer machines. I definitely hear the plop on the safety valve and then the green light switches off after. At that point, I bleed the machine which always emits air first before turning to steam. When I tested it earlier, I didn’t bleed or flush and the group head emptied. Once the group contents had dripped out, I bled, flushed and left it idling and there were no further drips (presumably group empty at this point?) i haven’t done any maintenance yet, guess that’s probably the best thing I can do at this stage. Thank you v m
  5. Good point on the group size, the 100ml was including the flush through 🤦‍♂️. i turned it on just now and measured it properly. Filled up to sight glass level per picture. Then let it warm up and it the entire contents of the group (52.4ml measured properly) dripped through the shower screen. Once that was done, I purged false pressure, flushed through and after that there were no more drips.
  6. It stops after I have flushed through to preheat the group, after purging false pressure. Definitely not coming through the OPV as normally I leave an empty PF on the group to preheat that too and it drips through the PF. Will send through a video tomorrow. I don't think there's an impact on pulling a shot as the leaking has stopped by then.
  7. Europiccola, new as of May this year, has started to drip significantly from the shower screen when warming up - around 100ml of water. I'm guessing this isn't normal as it didn't happen in its infancy. Does anyone have any suggestions as to cause/remedy?
  8. Hi Jay, as a recent adopter and with the same 1-2 coffees twice a day, a Europiccola is perfect for me . As per Blue_Cafe, the one thing that would stop me wholeheartedly recommending it is the second user. My gf can't work my EP as she's not tall/strong enough to push the lever as a reasonable force has to be applied. Must have accessories: Tamper (51.5mm if you get a millennium), Temp strips (otherwise you're shooting in the dark), Single hole steam tip (because the stock three hole is pants for frothing milk), Milk jug, scales, some sort of redistribution tool (i have a cork with some
  9. needle in cork is proving pretty effective at redistributing and not reclumping. thanks Glen also a 51.5mm tamper arrived today from @coffeechap looks great and makes a big difference to extraction. spotting is now much more balanced across the portafilter.
  10. had a go with a sewing needle, which definitely helped with regards not reclumping. but am still getting the spotting appearing on the edge of the basket rather than uniformly. will post of a video of technique (or lack of) for critique tomorrow.
  11. a fairly hefty chopstick, which probably explains it! will find something thinner and see how big a difference it makes
  12. Hi mods, this has been posted and received now so please move to Sold. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the pointers Glen, much appreciated. Maybe because my pour over beans were so different to the espresso blends I’ve had but that was almost 5 macros of difference in grind setting. Re redistrubution, I find if I play around too much with the grounds in the portafilter there is a tendency for them to reclump. A good beating with the chopstick in the tumbler gits rid of any clumping and basket redistrubtion is a few side tamps and then bench taps to settle before tamping One thing I have noticed is smudging around the edge of the pf basket. I guess this mean my 51mm tamper i
  14. thanks all, will take a look at aerspeed, luckily i'm in no rush to get back to the office...
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