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  1. Thats good, I may well look into changing mine in the future.
  2. Possibly an air lock then, glad its working right now 👍
  3. Ah ok, yeah I asked because some people do a blind adjustment. Its strange then because the grind does look very coarse. Roughly how many turns did you give the opv?
  4. How did you gauge the pressure?
  5. Looks good! Would there be enough clearance for the v3 wand to operate above the standard gaggia drip tray?
  6. Not sure if its the fact I just descaled the gaggia and fitted a new Ims shower screen, but I've pulled two shots of the Ethiopian and it is really goood! Complex with a lovely aftertaste. Looking forward to trying the Colombian Thanks guys
  7. Its from Cafazzini (ebay store) so I assume its genuine. I spoke with them over the phone, they apologised and said they were sending me another one out today. No issues with them or the customer service but as Blackcat said its poor QC.. Added to the list of things I've recived recently that have had to be returned for one reason or another its just my luck!
  8. Thanks, exactly my thoughts! I've contacted the seller. If I'm right in thinking these things are cast then small imperfections are to be expected but thats a bit much.
  9. Should a brand new dispersion plate look as rough as this?
  10. Same as ratty Shockwaves shop ebay
  11. 🤔 for some reason the link playback is a bit blury
  12. Just as a comparison https://streamable.com/169nxr same gauge less vibration.. its probably just be determined by the individual pump and machine. (Thanks for the vide link Phario)
  13. The countersunk heads on machine screws do vary, some shallower some slightly more convexed (as mine is in the photo) yours appears to have a flatter profile. I can't see it impacting on functionality but you could always switch it.
  14. Atm I'm using the autotune feature and the deduced values are: P=4.1, I=90, D=22 I'm still new to using the unit and appreciate every machine is different but as these values differ somewhat from the set values stated in the manual I was wondering if mine seem strange at all or if there's any potential negative effects in how they're set?
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