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  1. Hey @DevonStan, Just ordered some from him. I am in the Newton Abbot area too. He mentioned someone ordering from Ogwell, was that you? Did you leave the beans to rest for a while after ordering? Mine were roasted today, so I'm going to give them a few days to settle.
  2. Had a look on their twitter. Seems lots of people questioning them about their orders, although they do seem to get back in contact with them eventually. They seem a bit like a middle man or reseller only which would be fine if their service was top notch I guess.
  3. Ok you got a deal. Shall we move to PM?
  4. Ok, another idea... would you take £600. I'm willing to the do the drive there and back today or tomorrow. Sam
  5. Lovely machine, but just too far to drive from Devon and also lockdown coming up in 2 days. You wouldn't consider courier would you? Sam
  6. Thank you for the replies! That coffee does sound rather nice! I may just have to try it! On another note, I think I might prefer coffees from the African continent vs south America, but I'm not certain on the just yet.
  7. Ok, so I currently have a Eureka Mignon + gaggia classic (with PID mod). I aim around 16g of ground coffee, with an extraction of around 25s (which determines my grind setting). Mostly the espresso shots taste bitter or burnt so I often just stay clear of them altogether. The milk added softens it and allows me to actually taste the coffee. I guess the taste I would prefer would be more along the lines of sweeter and softer. I went with the rocket espresso from extract as I had it in a local restaurant who use that set of beans. I do get similar results to theirs but sometimes there is that
  8. To be honest I'm not too sure of different tastes but I think the rocket espresso was a dark roast but not 100%. The drinks I make are usually flat whites/ lattes as I have never got an espresso to taste nice to drink straight (could be down to my skills though).
  9. No I haven't. Do you have experience of it?
  10. Nice setup! I'm still on my gaggia classic but I'm already getting the upgradeitus! I remember those big grinders from my days as a barista. Currently rocking a mignon specialita. It is nice and quiet but noise isn't really an issue for me.
  11. I'm currently looking for a new coffee to try. I've been using the rocket espresso from extract coffee roasters in Bristol mainly for their price. I'm looking at paying around £20 for 1kg as this seems to be the amount I get through in a month and seems like a nice price point. Anyone have any ideas? Rexz
  12. Rexz

    Crankhouse Coffee

    Probably my brewing skills lol
  13. Rexz

    Crankhouse Coffee

    Just picked up some beans to try direct from crankhouse. Only 15 mins away so might become my new local roaster if all goes well!
  14. If anyone has the code could they PM me thanks Want to try some other coffees out there. Sam
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