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  1. thanks Dave. Appreciate the context - hopefully 'most' people would be familar with the differences. I have not kept upto date with advances but i am sure they mirror all walks of life.
  2. I actually have this printed out at home. If i had to wager i have always thought that the author is teh chapi brought the machine from..... (i just checked back and he has not been on the fourm for a couple of years so can't check.... but i did notice Dave that he took this machine to a forum meet-up, which, from reading the thread you were also at!)
  3. Should have added, if you are interested (seriously) then no problems coming to try the machine....
  4. Thanks to Russ for posting the information from Bella Barista. To be honest, I try not to get so ‘involved’ with my coffee as to spend time worrying about temp stability. The machine has the group head thermometer on it and i have a routine based on a cooling flush and extraction which ‘works’ for me (and was handed down from the previous owner). Steaming is excellent. My prior machine (seems a long time ago) was a Gaggia Classic - no comparison...but then you would not expect there to be from a machine which probably costs something like £1,500 in today’s money.
  5. Hi homer I do not have any pictures. If you are interested and DM me your details I am happy to share the email I received from the technician when I had the machine services that details all the information/condition and items he looked at and replaced - Best Dan
  6. I forgot to add to my original post. I would be willing to split this - assuming the machine goes first (could keep the grinder for brewed it it comes to it) £500 for the machine and all the extras (if someone is interested and wants a complete listing let me know) Dan
  7. Prefer pick- up so the buyer can see the machine. I am in Hornchurch RM11 1FS We’re you looking for delivery?
  8. At work today and found the email from the service I had done: was in Feb 2018 - essentially included; - Quickmill Group Rebuild - new pump - new microswitch - new water level probe - new E61 gasket and screen - full descale - new seals Also I had replaced the limit and pressure stat which the technician re-confirmed were completed properly.
  9. Just put this on the for sale page if anyone is interested [emoji26]
  10. With a heavy heart I am selling my machine and grinder. Since buying the machine off another forum member about 7 years ago, it has served me tremendously well, but my currently lifestyle does not suit the set-up any longer. The machine has only ever been used with Ashbeck water. 18 month ago it was fully serviced and rebuilt by a technician recommended to me by Bella Barista (who were the original sellers) - some signs of wear and tear but overall in good quality and in perfect working order following the service. Grinder is Compak K3 Touch advanced - just under 3 years old (BB again) Also included are all the extras pictured. 2 milk jugs, tamper, mat, a double, single and bottomless portafilter, 3 or 4 different steam nozzles...Too many baskets to count (including I was told by prior seller some vst baskets but I could not identify them), group-head cleaning brush, timer, scales etc plus loads of odds and end (must be easily £200 worth of pieces here alone) Price for the lot...£750 Any question please let me know
  11. Ashamedly I had not. I read the opening post last night.... got excited, went to the companies website - I missed Daves wiki review - now read Very interesting product however not sure I would be able to justify it at that price point. The convenience is a huge plus, as is the on demand hot water. However, the payback versus a more basic RO units is also up for debate. I kept marine fish and I have a 75gpd RODI unit that i estimated ran 1000 litres of water at 0TDS - from memory the unit was about £80 (plus £20 for some attachments) - my loss ratio was something like 1:5 - so 12,000 litre @ £3 a cubic meter If i let the TDS get upto say 10, then sure it would have lasted much much longer. Now whether my RODI water would then need anything doing to it (remineralisation etc) I do not know - so control and consistency definitely a plus for the countertop unit The waste was clearly ‘a waste’ but where possible I would use it in the garden etc. .....I am a sucker for a toy tho’ so who knows!
  12. Guys. Apart from looking good and convenience - what is the benefit of this over a standard RO system which can be picked up very cheaply - tks
  13. RO water used for marines also goes through a Deionisation process.... TDS used in reef tanks should be zero which is hard to get with the RO membrane alone. Many aquatics stores are poor and will will not supply zero TDS water - hence most marine fish keepers who keep reef tanks will invest in their own... If anyone local to hornchurch wants some zero TDS water to experiment with, will happily run off 5 litres
  14. Dave. Are you DaveC from the coffeetime forum. If so I think this is the machine you helped the prior owner with as from reading the old wiki pages, pretty sure this is the machine (think it was Paul?) Issue at present is I can’t run the machine as trips. How would I go about crimping and soldering. Starting to think best bet is going to get this professionally looked at. I have zero skills at this type of thing. Replacing the limit stat was a major achievement!! Does anyone have any contact for people who undertake this work. Preferably close to London/essex. Cheers
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