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  1. Ashamedly I had not. I read the opening post last night.... got excited, went to the companies website - I missed Daves wiki review - now read Very interesting product however not sure I would be able to justify it at that price point. The convenience is a huge plus, as is the on demand hot water. However, the payback versus a more basic RO units is also up for debate. I kept marine fish and I have a 75gpd RODI unit that i estimated ran 1000 litres of water at 0TDS - from memory the unit was about £80 (plus £20 for some attachments) - my loss ratio was something like 1:5 - so 12,000 litre @ £3 a cubic meter If i let the TDS get upto say 10, then sure it would have lasted much much longer. Now whether my RODI water would then need anything doing to it (remineralisation etc) I do not know - so control and consistency definitely a plus for the countertop unit The waste was clearly ‘a waste’ but where possible I would use it in the garden etc. .....I am a sucker for a toy tho’ so who knows!
  2. Guys. Apart from looking good and convenience - what is the benefit of this over a standard RO system which can be picked up very cheaply - tks
  3. RO water used for marines also goes through a Deionisation process.... TDS used in reef tanks should be zero which is hard to get with the RO membrane alone. Many aquatics stores are poor and will will not supply zero TDS water - hence most marine fish keepers who keep reef tanks will invest in their own... If anyone local to hornchurch wants some zero TDS water to experiment with, will happily run off 5 litres
  4. Dave. Are you DaveC from the coffeetime forum. If so I think this is the machine you helped the prior owner with as from reading the old wiki pages, pretty sure this is the machine (think it was Paul?) Issue at present is I can’t run the machine as trips. How would I go about crimping and soldering. Starting to think best bet is going to get this professionally looked at. I have zero skills at this type of thing. Replacing the limit stat was a major achievement!! Does anyone have any contact for people who undertake this work. Preferably close to London/essex. Cheers
  5. I replaced that y’day . Do I need to worry about the now brown connector blocks? One has now totally crumbed. I put a bit of electrical tape around instead
  6. Here are a couple from yesterday which show that part... not time to open up again today. My understanding is that that part is the vacuum breaker valve and cup...it had been covered by a mesh screen by prior owner as prone to spraying internals... Will try to get a better pic. How do I tell if the terminals are burnt out? On the limit stat the white plastic covers had gone brown and basically crumbled when I tried to remove. Thanks gents
  7. Seeking help on this again guys. I replaced the limit stat and replaced the pressure stat. Put the machine on....first time it tripped the RCD. Then I remembered I had not changed the fuse in the plug. I did this, switched on. The pump kicked in and heard boiler switch on , but then about 15 seconds later it went again... Any ideas what to try next??
  8. So now we have this... had to cut a bit of insulation to get that connector block to turn/screw (think that’s why he had done the mod in the first place....but clearly knew what size threads he was working with)....does this look ok ?
  9. Ok. Second problem. Looks like at some point in past pressure stat was replaced but wrong size was purchased so an extra ‘coupling’ was added to reduce size down. Can someone confirm it’s not going to be a problem to remove this as put in place the new stat? 1st pic was how it looked when I opened it up 2nd pick is the old stat and reducer that I am taking out 3rd pick is what I will be left with... Cheers
  10. Guys . Need some quick help Some of the plastic ‘clips’ that go over the terminal connectors have gone brittle and cracked off. Is it ok to go ahead without these in place when replacing the limit stat?
  11. How will I know if it is the stat.... not sure what I would be looking at/for. Once I identify it, can determine how brave I will be with the spanner!
  12. Christmas morning just about to start pulling some coffee and my Andreja premium literally went ‘pop’ with smoke (or steam) coming from the side vents! Tripped the rcd and generally left me feeeling pi55ed off. Any ideas from this ridiculous description what this could have been? I did notice from my Eric thermometer that the temp had got pretty high.... couple of degrees higher than usual. Merry Christmas everyone... Dan
  13. not been on the forum that much second half of the year, but each time I do, this thread seems to have grown. If I wanted to get hold of a De1 machine - what is the lead time and cost. Apologies if it has been asked a thousand times before, I went back a few pages but could not see it. thanks
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