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  1. Offer unfortunately retracted. Thanks for your communication and help Ted - best of luck on the sale.
  2. Hi Ted Can you confirm if still available and if so whether you would be willing to part with it for £300 (Subject to final internal approvals my end ) If I get the go-ahead and you are willing I will be in Kent over weekend and could try to arrange to meet at some time but would need to see if we can make it work. Thanks
  3. Machine sold. Could admin please move to SOLD section. I will repost grinder under separate thread when I decide whether to keep or not. Enjoy the machine Vincent.
  4. Thanks for your interest. I will want hang onto the grinder until the machine sells. If the machine only goes, then you are first in line for the grinder and I will let you know. Thanks
  5. Taking the machine only is fine. I will PM you to arrange visit. Thanks
  6. thanks Dave. Appreciate the context - hopefully 'most' people would be familar with the differences. I have not kept upto date with advances but i am sure they mirror all walks of life.
  7. I actually have this printed out at home. If i had to wager i have always thought that the author is teh chapi brought the machine from..... (i just checked back and he has not been on the fourm for a couple of years so can't check.... but i did notice Dave that he took this machine to a forum meet-up, which, from reading the thread you were also at!)
  8. Should have added, if you are interested (seriously) then no problems coming to try the machine....
  9. Thanks to Russ for posting the information from Bella Barista. To be honest, I try not to get so ‘involved’ with my coffee as to spend time worrying about temp stability. The machine has the group head thermometer on it and i have a routine based on a cooling flush and extraction which ‘works’ for me (and was handed down from the previous owner). Steaming is excellent. My prior machine (seems a long time ago) was a Gaggia Classic - no comparison...but then you would not expect there to be from a machine which probably costs something like £1,500 in today’s money.
  10. Hi homer I do not have any pictures. If you are interested and DM me your details I am happy to share the email I received from the technician when I had the machine services that details all the information/condition and items he looked at and replaced - Best Dan
  11. I forgot to add to my original post. I would be willing to split this - assuming the machine goes first (could keep the grinder for brewed it it comes to it) £500 for the machine and all the extras (if someone is interested and wants a complete listing let me know) Dan
  12. Prefer pick- up so the buyer can see the machine. I am in Hornchurch RM11 1FS We’re you looking for delivery?
  13. At work today and found the email from the service I had done: was in Feb 2018 - essentially included; - Quickmill Group Rebuild - new pump - new microswitch - new water level probe - new E61 gasket and screen - full descale - new seals Also I had replaced the limit and pressure stat which the technician re-confirmed were completed properly.
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