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  1. So a bit of an update. I'm a bit over the Ikawa home roaster as it feels like a bit of a gimmick. A bit of a toy. The roasts all taste the same and I feel like I am constantly roasting as the pot is so small and since you have to leave it for a few days, you end up with pots of coffee all over the place. It’s a bit of a chore to be honest. I thought it would be fun but it’s a stress that I don’t need in my life. The quality roasters are doing such a good job that I’d prefer to be exploring that and not making my kitchen smell. I gave the Ikawa home roaster a chance and it’s not for me. It doesn’t live up to expectation.
  2. So I’ve had this a month now and I’ve been able to let some roasts degas and mature for 7/14 days. I have to say that it is probably the best coffee I’ve tasted at home. I can taste the subtle tastes even in a flat white. its bloomin easy to use, not hot, smelly or smoky. Just like a Dyson that makes coffee, pretty much works like one with heat and an app. I usually scour the net for decent beans and I do have a couple of local roasters but they are nothing on the tastes I am getting from my own roasts. I don’t have a lot of patience for tech/kitchen goods that make claims that don’t live up to expectation and will return without hesitation but I’m keeping this little unit!
  3. Hey everyone, Home barista fanatic here but not too serious. Love my Java and enjoy finding great fresh beans. I’ve just invested in the Ikawa home roaster to accompany my Rocket Apartamento and Eureka Mignon Specialita. It’s been a week now and I’m now starting to try the goods. I’ve tested after 48 hours and now 7 days. Both unique in their own taste profile but so tasty. The smell when you open the pot to grind is so awesome. The Ikawa is very easy to use, it’s not noisy and doesn’t smoke or get that hot as some of the reviews have said. The grinder is much louder! I have it sat under a cabinet and it’s fine. Yes it gets warm but it’s working hard. It wasn’t super cheap but then it’s my only real vice and there is a lot of satisfaction in producing your own fresh roast. My kitchen smells divine! Anyone looking to take the plunge should give it a whirl. It’s on offer at the moment too. 😊
  4. I’d prefer a replacement. once one thing goes wrong and they repair it you’re left with a reconditioned unit.
  5. Tried all that. The retailer (Machina) are offering to repair it but I’m really not happy about that as I bought it brand new in May and they are meant to last. im even more reluctant due to covid as I don’t want someone’s hands all over something that makes a consumable product. my old grinder cost £50 and lasted 10 years!!
  6. It’s actually gone mad now. That didn’t fix it at all. I thought that was it but it’s now randomly changing the screen on its own.
  7. No. It’s actually gone mad. I thought that was it but it’s now randomly changing the screen on its own
  8. Just read the instructions re locking. it was locked. All done. it isn’t that clear as it says press “+ - “ to unlock but when it is locked they do not show on the display. thank you.
  9. How does one unlock it? I bought it brand new in may last year
  10. I have a similar issue. The screen just isn’t working correctly anymore. I’ve only had it about 8 months. it’s stuck on 00.02
  11. Hi, I bought the Eureka - Mignon v3 - Specialita from Machina Coffee in May 2020 and cannot use it properly anymore. The digital display does not allow me to change doses any more and is stuck on 2 seconds. I have left it turned off at the plug for 24 hours and it’s still the same. any tips? thanks
  12. I tried Red Bank Pineapple Candy (F1 Hybrid H3) - Finca San Pedro, Nicaragua. It’s coffee but not as I’ve known it previously. More like a flavoured high street beverage. The coffee taste is very overpowered by an artificial pineapple flavour. The bag actually smells of pineapple. I prefer a bean that has a subtle tang that reminds you of pineapple, not pineapple flavoured coffee which this clearly was. Any other thoughts?
  13. It was the serial number. It’s not something I’m prepared to share online as people use them for the wrong reasons. It’s now sold anyway. Sorry if I didn’t come up to the standards you expect. I just didn’t want to take a brand new item out of its box. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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