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  1. So update for anyone reading this..... The thermal fuse has been replaced and coffee machine is steaming again. If anyone wants to replace the thermal fuse these instructions are pretty good https://www.home-barista.com/repairs/breville-oracle-bes980xl-thermal-fuse-replacement-detailed-disassembly-t58936.html The one thing I would comment on that not mentioned in the oracle instructions is that the fuse is crumpled onto the wires. I went to solder the new fuse and then realised that soldering may cause the fuse to blow with the heat so make sure you have a crimping set. I did mine with plastic cover crimps so let's hold they hold up against the heat.If anyone has the no steam problem I would recommend tracing the wires and testing whether the fuse is blown as this whole job took me about 4 hours.
  2. I don't think so, I got it 2nd hand off eBay about 6 months ago.
  3. Hmmmm interesting, sounds like the issues i was facing. I'll do some more diagnostics on this when I get the boiler working again which I hope will just be the thermal fuse. Do you know if anywhere in the UK sticks the triac board, just had a quick look and only saw links to AU.
  4. About a week ago i noticed my sage dual boiler was producing more steam pressure than normal, and then when i turned the machine off (button in the machine) the machine appeared to be off but the steam boiler still seemed to stay hot and the machine would hiss and gurgle so started turning it off at the plug. Yesterday i descaled the machine thinking the staying on could be due to some scale clogging something up. Machine descaled, i got the vALv error but after tipping the machine backwards and forwards some more water came out (with a few small bits of scale) and then managed to proceed without the error and complete the cycle. Turned the machine on an no steam at all, just the 3 beeps. I have done the following and none have resolved the issue: Repeated the descale but this time with just water Drained the boilers a few times (the coffee boiler water comes out hot but the steam boiler water is cold) Reset the machine (1cup and power button) Cleared all of the error codes Left the machine off (turned off at the plug) overnight (with boilers drained) Opened up the machine and cant see any problems with o rings on the steam boiler Cleaned the steam boiler sensors Is there anyone that has come across this issue before and managed to fix it themselves? I've read various forum posts and no-one ever seems to say what the underlying issue was. The only thing that looks odd in the machine is the top of the steam boiler looks like something has leaked from it and burnt on but there are no scale marks that would indicate this has been a long term leak. Ignore any water you can see in the pic as that was from me disconnecting the tube that goes from the steam boiler to the coffee boiler while the coffee boiler was hot and it squirting everywhere. Cant figure out how to attach photos in this forum so here is a link https://photos.app.goo.gl/ASskH3hph5DHu5RXA Any help appreciated otherwise i'll be calling around coffee repair shops on Monday (if any are even open with current Covid-19 restrictions in UK).
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