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  1. Closest I have seen is 53.3mm https://stanthonyind.com/collections/wood_metal/products/the-new-levy?variant=33867852169 Pricey though. there is a matching distribution tool too if you are feeling flush
  2. There is also discount code floating if you search the forum 😉
  3. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Titus-Grinding-Doser-for-Mahlkonig-EK43-/224074987436?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49293 dont know much about this at all but I doubt they come up very often.
  4. Yes @MediumRoastSteam has the la pav for sale 😀 my plan is coming together nicely. just need him to bring me a cup next time I go to ikea 😁
  5. If I hand sanded and polished something for 4 days I would want more than £65 🤪
  6. It does sound but of an ideal machine (other than its more than I ideally wanted to spend). But I think it will last longer than upgraditis and it seems like Lelit make them somewhat upgradable with the new components. @MediumRoastSteam you get one and let me know what you think 😁
  7. I have had this in a latte a couple of times and it is definitely bold! TBH I don’t have much robusta experience to compare it against but I did enjoy it in a different way to my normal coffee.
  8. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/lelit-elizabeth-pl91t.html £1099 seems sensibly priced.
  9. Finally some nice water. reasonably hard round Oxford. Has a Bestmax X which will last about 4 months I think then will fit a V which should last the year.
  10. Saying that he should have done the tests blind to be valid, saying if one forum member chooses to compare apples to grapefruits etc etc to me don’t really go with the obvious opinion that Oliver gave. However... I didn’t read right back to the original post asking for comments on The conical version. So I guess in theory Oliver should have started a new thread. So point taken on onboard! But I did find Oliver’s comments interesting 😀
  11. The chap has said this is his opinion and it clearly is a subjective review as there is no evidence or data or anything. Not sure why people are being so argumentative and tearing him down for saying what grinder he like the taste from most. 😕 I compare my Ferrari and my Range Rover all the all the time. They both get me from A to B but the experience is different and worth comparing 😛
  12. Be interesting to see what connections can be made to the LLC to see if information can be pulled. Didnt seem to tricky on the MaraX but different kettle of fish
  13. Yeah. It seems like BB would take it now that they have the Anna, grace and MaraX but it depends on if they think it will cannibalise the MaraX and where the profit is. Sway is good. I have an iPhone XS and it looked fine. I like the contents section, and definitely like the lack of ads 😀 I use the accessibility mode on sway as I find it cleaner just wish you could resize the text. I find it a bit zoomed in by default
  14. Just been reading your review Dave on the Elizabeth. That sounds like a decent middle ground! See how it competes on price 😀
  15. Taking one for the greater good. That’s why people love you Dave. 😀
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