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  1. The silvia steam wand mod is one of the most popular on the Gaggia Classics and for good reason, it works really well with it. There is a v3 steam wand that allows for more of a pivot, but it also involves extra steps to be fitted onto the Classic.
  2. The basket I ordered has D24661NT stamped on the side which looks like it is the 70mm size and not the 68mm which the classic takes.
  3. Seal is clean..I think it's a compatibility issue. My stock basket and blind basket don't leak.
  4. I just got a new IMS 18g nanotech precision basket for my Gaggia Classic but have had lots of leaking around the portafilter. Inital thoughts were to replace the gasket, but this leak only happens when the portafilter has coffee in it. With an empty or blind basket, there is no leak occuring. I've tried reducing the dose down to 17g from 18g which helped the amount of water coming through but still getting a bit of water leaking out. I've also made sure that no grounds were caught in the seal. The puck at the end looks quite wet and soggy as well. What could be the problem? Am i stil
  5. Hi! I've been into making my own espresso since christmas 2019, aeropress before then. I'm working with a Gaggia Classic with OPV and steam wand upgrades, looking to add a PID soon. My grinder of choice is a Eureka Mignon Specialita. Still have quite to practice quite a bit on pulling shots and steaming milk so hopefully I can find plenty of tips on this forum! Cheers
  6. Looking forward to getting one of these as well.. What is the cost with shipping to the states?
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