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  1. Which method did you change to?
  2. Day 2 of Niche ownership. I will agree the quality of the grind and extraction is a huge leap forward for me. But I am seeing 10-15 second differences in shot time between a single stop right now? Could this be down to seasoning the burrs? Going to get a load of cheap beans tomorrow.
  3. 12:56 - 13:56.......................
  4. Just got a DPD notification that my October Niche will be delivered TOMORROW. 🤯
  5. I'm an October and this just got me rather excited.
  6. My V6 also has a loose fit. Tamping leaves a little ridge of coffee round the edges, but it doesn't seem to cause too much trouble. Will be interested to hear if anyone else thinks a 58.5 would improve anything.
  7. Are people seasoning the burrs with the Niche? Should I be on the lookout for cheap / stale beans ready for my October delivery? If so, how much weight? Cheers
  8. I had loose connections on the boost button and the bell button on separate occasions. They had to re-solder them. I think this is a fairly common problem on my model but I'd assume they've addressed it on the new one. I also had the crank come loose and the bolt stripped. So they replaced the crank. This seemed like a rare issue, and they thought the technician might have over tightened it when I had it serviced.
  9. Love my VanMoof, its an absolute joy to ride. Had it for a year and a half. However, it has required fairly frequent trips to the brand shop for small issues. More issues than other bikes I've owned.They are great in there, and it isn't a problem for me as I live in London and (normally) commute into central London. Might not be such a great experience though if you're not near to a shop. That said, mine is an s2 and I'm sure they've addressed some of the niggles in the s3.
  10. I 5 or 6 of the hex screws because with shipping it was pretty much the same price as buying one. Away for a couple of weeks but once I've done the mod I would be happy to post out my spares to anyone who wants them. PID wise... seems like it's a bit of a gamble, but I'm very happy with my mecoffee.
  11. Is this in London? Interested in this just for fun.
  12. Hello, Don't want to be a negative nancy, but I've been using the Comandante C40 for the last 3.5 months and without the Red Clix upgrade I would say it's really not suitable for dialing in espresso. The pour time can vary up to 8 seconds between the clicks. It's more like 4 seconds with the Red Clix axle. That said I've found it a bit of a pain switching between settings for different beans and seem to often lose my place and have to dial in again. I've just ordered a Niche and wish I had done right off the bat.
  13. For your Silvia, do you dilute the packet in the whole water tank and then put through in 3 stages? Or have a more concentrated solution with less water in the tank?
  14. Thanks guys, I got a few packets of oust, will try and find the time to run it through and let you know how it goes.
  15. Ordered black. Changed my mind. Cancelled. Ordered white. Something to look forward to when the weather turns to shit.
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