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  1. Thank you for organising. Been looking to try Black Cat for awhile now so perfect excuse. Just sent money also!
  2. 1. Akp 2. ratty 3. EricC 4. tsouthwell 5. catpuccino 6. Marcros 7. MildredM 8. Nickdems 9. Jason11 10. Higbert 11. Jackabb 12. spasypaddy 13. salty 14. Bacms 15. Rapid 16. SDM 17. gm031193 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25.
  3. I agree here. Even if you wiped out the carbon footprint of all the coffee packaging in the world I'm sure it would be a drop in the ocean compared to deforestation, overfishing etc. I think that the growing of coffee itself (local environmental impacts, air miles etc.) should be of more environmental concern than the packaging it comes in. I do a bit to try and minimise my 'carbon footprint', paying attention to the origin of coffee packing isnt currently one of those things, maybe it should be (as someone else has already said I do think its stupid when the coffee comes in a bag, i
  4. They are a good roaster and are well known, particularly in Bath where they have a shop. The pods are typically very light roast in line with their wholebean offerings. Let me know how you find them
  5. Colonna do a decent range of pods, I think they usually have six different pods on offer - a long (60 or 80g output, cant remember) and a short pod with intended 25g espresso output. They are certainly the closest thing to decent coffee I have had from a pod machine.
  6. gm031193

    This forum

    There are plenty of places on the internet you can go to discuss political issues. There isn't a conspiracy to shut you down, I think people are just fed up of seeing the forum spammed with divisive topics which serve no positive purpose. I have certainly been visiting less recently, as soon as I see my sidebar filled with that, my mind switches away from coffee and to thinking about politics. Not what I come here for and my personal views make no difference in that respect. You seem to love mentioning cancel culture but you also post about blocking people who disagree with you.
  7. I was doing 18.5g to 40 in 30 secs with an 18g VST. I think the official square mile is 19g to 40 in 30 secs with 20g VST but I don’t have a 20g basket
  8. I have used Cortile Coffee for machine servicing before who are based in Ponty and Bridgend (I’m based in Cardiff). Don’t think they specialise in your machine brand but may be worth asking.
  9. Do it! Let me know how you find it.. plenty of T1 diabetics in my family (although I seem to have avoided the gene), I tend to avoid Yorkies now because I can feel them destroying my teeth as soon as I bite into them!
  10. James Hoffman's book The World Atlas of Coffee is a good general reference for learning about the particulars of coffee from different regions. I guessed at Mexico for this one originally because it had a similar mouthfeel to a Colonna Mexican I had a few weeks ago
  11. These middleman ideas make the incorrect assumption that speciality coffee roasters are some sort of hermits, living in a deep dark cave unable to find any customers. It simply isn’t true, most of the decent roasters have fantastic, easy to navigate websites full of information about their beans. Nowadays they also tend to have a decent social media presence. I’m not sure who the customer base is for these kind of ideas. The people who care enough to spend the premium on speciality coffee don’t need a middleman service to find what they want and as has already been said, would active
  12. Had another go this morning, 18>40g in 35secs rather than 30.. the dominant black tea I was getting previously has given way to the green apple becoming more prominent, also getting blackcurrant and a hit of spice to the back of my throat which certainly lingers around for a while after drinking...! I think longer extraction is the way to go with this one, I would be interested to hear other peoples thoughts on this in due course
  13. Just tried this for the first time as a Cortado. 18g > 40g in 30Secs, 93 Deg and 9.5 bar. Nice mouthfeel and an enjoyable cup all-round. I am certainly picking up on the black tea and apple notes which have been previously mentioned (maybe that is because I read it here first...), a bit sour towards the end so might try a longer extraction time tomorrow. Hopefully after some more tasting I can get some more definition of the tasting notes. My first LSOL and it is certainly a lot of fun trying to unpick the notes! I am going to go out on an early, inexperienced, limb and say its of
  14. Yes it is that one. It is a bit on the expensive side, but when you remember it is for 350g rather than the standard 250g it works out around the same value as buying a 250g bag for £10.
  15. I generally find this as well, particularly with under-extracted shots which often possess a nauseatingly sour aroma akin to their taste! On the other hand the Square Mile I am currently drinking smells and tastes exactly like a Yorkie Raisin and Biscuit chocolate bar.. delicious!!
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