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  1. Brilliant, thanks guys - I’ll stop try to prize out the blank screw cover 🤣
  2. Morning All, Has anyone found a solution to/replacement for the totally inadequate excuse for a drip on the Francino Classico?
  3. Morning All, A little help required, how do I remove the screen from the shower head to clean it? On previous machines I’ve owned the screen is held in place by a screw however it’s not so on the Classico, the blank head doesn’t seem to want to move if I try to lever it out photo attached
  4. Hi All, Looking for some advice, I'm thinking of fitting a PID to my Francino Classico as a lock-down project Q1 Is it a good idea? is there any point/gain in doing it? Q2 Has anyone got any experience with fitting a PID to this machine, if not would it differ much from fitting one to a similar machine? Q3 Whats the best PID? Thanks in advance
  5. The basket that came with the machine runs slower, the other basket is a 21g triple shot basket from Edesa that came with the bottomless portafilter which runs quicker
  6. Happy New Year All I’m looking for some advice regarding dialling in and extraction, I am using the following equipment- Espresso machine - Francino Classico Grinder - Eureka Mignon bottomless portafiller daily art leveller calibrated tamper Here’s my problem/issue I’m grinding a 20g dose and extracting 40grams of espresso in 30seconds (usually) although every so often it takes 40-50 seconds - this is my first question, why? now if I swap out the portafiller standard basket to a 20g basket it extracts way too quickly 15seconds - why? Thanks in advance for any help
  7. Does anybody know where i can lay my hands on a Medium Coffee Gator canister in stainless steel?
  8. Very true, I think I’ll leave it the garage until I get bored of walking around it then pop it on eBay no reserve collection only
  9. Indeed it’s always been extreme over kill in my kitchen for my daily couple of flat whites although it was a great bit of kit whenever I had a few people over for dinner So with that said I presume I’m looking at a value of around £100 - £150?
  10. Also I am assuming that I need to tamper after using the leveller or does the leveller compress the grind as it levels?
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