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  1. Related but not exactly what you’re asking I think- the standard Lelit spouted PF that comes with the machine is fairly easy to change the handle. Pop the cap off the back of the handle and use a long Allen key to loosen the bolt. This gets the handle off. Then there is the part that accepts the bolt- this is screwed into the PF head. This bit is fairly tough as they’ve used threadlocker as normal. Happily the part is square in shape so if you use an adjustable wrench and clamp the head of the PF either in a vice or with some quick clamps then it’s not too bad. Finally the replacement han
  2. Regards sound level - I suspect that the difference is whether the little plastic push-on filter on the intake tube that goes into the water reservoir has been removed. With it fitted and without some adjustment to it's position the sound level is not dissimilar to the gaggia classic as it vibrates against the tank. Either remove (assuming good filtered water) or change the tubing in such a way that the end either hangs naturally or (by extending) is forced away from the edge of the tank (both approaches have been discussed a little by other users earlier in the thread).
  3. Hi there, yep it’s the v2 with the niche hole. To pm!
  4. For sale is an unused and boxed Decent portafilter stand for bottomless PF As per here (the one that is for "bottomless portafilters only": https://decentespresso.com/portafilter_stand Asking for £20 delivered via bank transfer or PP. Thanks
  5. Cheers Gavin - over to PM with @lynxv3
  6. Hi there, sure thing - I'll give Gavin the evening to think it over.
  7. Hi Gavin, happy to negotiate - if you can do £55 then I'll do it.
  8. I’m looking to sell the pro version of coffee sensor’s E61 grouphead thermometer, as seen here: Coffee sensor This one has the excellent Taylor 9841N thermometer. Asking £65 delivered- it’s as new, boxed with all accessories (spare battery, spare washers etc).
  9. Thanks for the offer - sorry to disappoint but as you can see I've now had an offer at asking so will accept that one. JA92 - thanks for this! To PM.
  10. Hi, thanks for the interest and appreciate the offer- I really am looking for the asking price, certainly for a while at least as I'm not in a hurry. It's close to 20% off the new price delivered so I'm hopeful someone will go for it. Cheers
  11. This was bought in April from Bella Barista and is now for sale as we've switched to a niche zero. The 2 year warranty is transferrable and will run until April 2022. It's an excellent hopper fed grinder and the only reason for changing was for easier switching between pour-over/espresso grinds. Obviously it hasn't had much coffee through it and I've cleaned the burrs and chute so it's ready to go. Comes with all original packaging/box and accessories inc the PF fork. Asking for £300 delivered with 48hr parcelforce insured, or £285 pickup from DA17. For reference the curren
  12. This was picked up yesterday by Shaun- thankyou all for interest and sorry to disappoint those who wanted to split.
  13. Thanks for the interest- we're set for pickup on Sunday, I will keep the thread updated.
  14. Thanks Shaun- ok go on then I’ll go to £925 with pickup on Sunday as you suggested, can also offer £935 inc the molykote if of use (ignore if you already have some of course).
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