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  1. Love what you have done there. Clean and simple.
  2. Hi folks. I'm in the (slow) process of modding a mazzer Royal and have the following bits I want to shift: Hopper Doser Fork Just wondered what people thought I should be getting for these bits? Cheers
  3. Thanks for the informative response. I guess 21g would be a lot for 1 serving so probably best suited to 2 small shots. Unless I want a really strong flat white 😁
  4. Does anyone know if th La Marzocco 21g basket fits the Gaggia portafilter or do I need to get a bottomless?
  5. Getting rid of services like the Beeb is short-sighted and a massive mistake. For the amount of content you get its value for money. Sport has become far to expensive for services like the BBC yet they still produce stellar MoTD shows and great podcasts. People want to work for the BBC because its the best.
  6. Welcome guys, there's a few of us this way. Hope you find the forum useful and informative.
  7. I second a lot of what's been written here and have the same dilemma. Watching with interest...
  8. There's plenty of independents who can help you. Just do some searches or join a watch forum for some advice. Timex have reissued the Marlin if you didn't want to go vintage. Swatch sistem51 is the first totally machine built automatic watch that'll be a future classic. Otherwise, good luck OP.
  9. Great, thanks. Need to know where to send them! Please mark as sold.
  10. Okie dokie. £12 for all 4 cups and saucers, including delivery.
  11. I'm looking to swap really. Open to offers price wise.
  12. As the titles says, I have 4 spare cups with saucers as I only really need 2. Looking to sell or, preferably, swap for a couple of espresso's and a couple of something larger i.e. cappuccino . I don't need the Acme flat whites, these tulips are good enough. Rubbish pic but you can see them online. Obviously.
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