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  1. I will give this a read now with a coffee, thanks @MediumRoastSteam I have just made two back to back lattes at 18g and they already look much better.
  2. Is there a good rule of thumb with regards to dose between roast types? What’s the optimum way to assess dose in the basket? Is it just the basket in that it has a wider tolerance compared to a VST which is 1g either way.
  3. Good morning, does this look underdosed? I have some Rave fudge blend that I am using at the moment, I am dosing around 16.1 into the Niche using the standard Lelit basket, I was going to use the VST but I worried it would be very easy to over-extract with that. Amazon lost my Bottomless portafilter and to be honest using that will hopefully be a good indicator of if it is channeling. It tasted ok but I’m at a reduced tasting ability as the kids going back to school has given us all tonsillitis from the same cold. Kids who’d av em.
  4. Had a play around with some preinfusion this morning on the VST using a light roast, set the Elizabeth to 95c and pulled the first one without pre-infusion and it came out at 26 seconds for about 38g in the cup. Had this as an Americano and it was good, orange and walnut tasting notes and it was big orange flavour in the cup. Second drink I tested with a 7 second pre-infusion, 3 at the pump 4s steam. Same 18g dose and same grind to get a ballpark for the speed, 20s for my target weight of 36g. I went two dots finer on the niche and got my 38g out in 29s. Its a whole different look using the VST baskets, they really do speed up especially when you add pre-infusion into the mix. Once the pump kicked its it was trickling out and then it was up to around 2gs coming out. I made this into a latte which I don’t normally have but the steamer is so much fun on this machine and I can make some incredible milk compared to my barista pro. The drink also tasted good, the light roast couldn’t really put a dent into the traditional latte sweet milk taste however. Also as Dave pointed out in his review, he thought that 16g was a good dose for the OEM basket and when I dosed that this morning on some older grounds to practise my distribution I had no pin holes in the coffee, just a little shower screen indentation.
  5. What I meant is that I removed the Lelit Filter from inside the tank and put back the little filter back on. If you remember I lost almost all pressure when I installed it and I think it was due to a kink in the tube despite not seeing one. I have ordered the walnut bottomless so that will be interesting and potentially messy.
  6. I need to get a bottomless portafilter as my next purchase, I have noticed on my pucks that with the OEM I always seem to have a little dot in the middle that I’m guessing is channeling that isn’t there with the VST. I’m distributing from the niche, tapping it level and giving it a tap on the tamping mat to get rid of any air pockets. Next I’m using a distribution tool to get a level surface and then tamping.
  7. I pulled a shot without the filter and it made no difference to pressure. Just thought I would try it, it’s just strange that it was higher to begin with, maybe I’m just misremembering and it was like this from the start.
  8. That was with the OEM basket and new gasket, pressure is lower with VST, starts under 9 and stays just within 8 with the VST. I will have to try removing the filter as it was a little higher before I put that in. I wonder if that has any effect, I am using Tesco Ashbeck water but I put the Lelit filter in as well, you can probably hear it in the video as it wobbles about in the tank I think.
  9. The machine really was clean as a whistle when I changed the gasket, in fact the fit is exactly the same as with the OEM gasket. I can get the portafilter to 6 with the OEM basket as you can see in the video, however the VST most likely wouldn’t go to 6 even with a lot of pressure. The dispersion plate is tightened as you suggested. http://caffinatedfiend.quickconnect.to/mo/sharing/ru9cZhhPy The coffees a little old but it’s all I have left at the minute.
  10. Cleaned the shower screen today and thought while I have it I will install the silicone gasket. The other picture shows where the portafilter fits into the group when the VST basket is being used. I pulled a 28 second shot with 18g in the basket, pressure went up to just below 9 on the manometer and by the end of the shot was barely in 8. I’m assuming that is just the VST basket as the IMS generates that bit of extra pressure due to the shape of it. The VST also speeds up in the second half of the shot, reminds me of my Sage machine, whereas the IMS seems to hold the same flow rate through the shot. Also my puck always sticks to the shower screen with the VST
  11. Random question of the day, How stable should the pressure be on the Manometer? I have noticed what seems to be a gradual decline since owning the machine. If I’m putting 18g in each time will there be much play between coffees? I know that the pressure declines through the shot but my starting pressure seems to have declined over time. Does using the blank basket give you the pressure that the OPV is set to? I wonder if having the filter onto the tubing has any effect. On the plus side I had a nice latte with the Milk Buster beans this morning. Certainly busy through the milk, puts hairs on your chest in a latte.
  12. Thank you, half 6 sounds about right, I put 5 but I meant 7. Mine hasn’t been past the padlock yet on any of the baskets. I’m blaming the amount of coffee I drank yesterday 😂
  13. Right ok I will grab one to have on standby then, do you lock in at around 5 o’clock with the VST then also, doesn’t loosen over time?
  14. Evening @MediumRoastSteamDoes the cafelot 8mm red gasket have a better fit with a VST basket? Easier to lock in?
  15. Well it’s too early to say but it was fun having a go with it, it’s much easier in general with the Lelit to get a much more repeatable shot which was something I found much harder work on the sage I had previously. One other question I have, as my machine is so new the portafilter with the standard basket is only now comfortable to close to the lock position. With the VST I’m back to not being able to as yet get to the lock position. If I used the VST for say 6 months and then switched back to the standard would that create an issue with the portafilter seal later down the line? Or is this of no concern?
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