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  1. Thanks a lot for offering this out again @Sean1ucc - looks like I was too slow to spot your post... fair enough, doh! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Next time perhaps
  2. No worries, thank you. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some Jan discounts...
  3. Yeah you’re right about compromise- just need to figure out where I make concessions within my budget. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Elizabeth looks decent, hope you enjoy that! 👌🏼
  4. Ahh I was too slow. Presume you don’t have any more codes like this?
  5. Thanks David, will be sure to check out the Izzo and get in touch with any Qs 👍🏼
  6. Thanks for that, enjoyed the read and wine anecdote. What you’re saying about Sage generally makes a lot of sense, and will check out the HB post on the SDB... thank you
  7. Hi @PJCT - thanks for the reply. Interesting, never really considered the lever machine... what are the main benefits of a lever over a pump machine? Thanks
  8. My machine has this bubbling too - can be replaced apparently. Called Sage last week (through to a team in Germany) and they are currently out of stock of the replacement part but should have it in next cpl of weeks... and only £3.50 + P&P so cheap to swap over 👍🏼
  9. Thanks for the reply David - as I get more into this research I think I’m veering away from the Mara and want something with a few more variables to play around with (and prob a DB) - I might not need them right away given where I am on my learning journey, but want the optionality for future to avoid another upgrade in a few years’ time. A few people have recommended the ACS minima - but I notice it’s out of stock on your website - any ideas when you might get these back in? Also, any other home machines you’d recommend in the 1-2k bracket? Thanks, chris
  10. Hi @HVL87 - interesting. Thanks for posting. Have you got anywhere further with your thoughts? Also, please may you share the link/code to the SDB discount? I couldn’t seem to find this. re my own thought process... MaraX looks a well thought out and decent bit of kit, but I’m not sure if it is enough of an upgrade from my SDP (which is still producing some good coffee) in terms of features to justify dropping >£1k on it (as id probs want to customise the wood, and grab a naked PF for it...taking it to 1100-1200). I then started thinking maybe the Bianca is the better longer term
  11. Thanks for the quick reply @Jamie_C - great info from your initial impressions. Glad you like the new kit! I’m the same as you... not sure I want to drop a grand on the MaraX when I’m reasonably confident I’ll want more variable adjustment in the future... and equally the Bianca is more than I really wanted to spend on a new toy but it does seem appealing... decisions decisions. But thanks for your comments, very helpful. And interesting what you’re saying about e61 cleaning... I’ll need to explore that further before taking the plunge on one of these types
  12. Hi @Jamie_C - how have you found the Bianca so far? I also have a Sage DTP at the moment and was originally considering MaraX vs. Sage Dual Boiler for budget of c.£1k... now thinking I’ll move away from Sage and try an E61 for the first time... but then also wondering, like you said in your OP, whether I’ll be ready to move on from the Mara in a couple of years and worth biting bullet now to go for the Bianca. It is twice the price though so trying to conclude if this is worth it - would welcome any thoughts you had that finally swung your decision. Hope you’re enjoying the new machine! 😀👌🏼
  13. Thanks @Doram - all good points. The way you’ve outlined those considerations will definitely help me think through what I really need/want
  14. Thank you @Willem for summarising a lot of the MaraX key points in one place, mega helpful - must have taken you ages. I’m currently debating the MaraX over the Sage Dual Boiler (for budget of c.£1k) - the Sage seems to have more features to play around with but, according to many on the forum, reliability issues. Whereas the Mara seems to have fewer features but better built, ability to mod with E61, plus killer looks. Really torn - any further thoughts from your buying decision making process? (I note the SDB didn’t make your shortlist above). The other thought I had was...
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