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  1. I’ve been using 1:8(ish) for darker roasts but finer for lighter. You’re absolutely right about lighter roasts being harder to grind. Even going to medium rather than dark is hard work for my spaghetti arms 😂
  2. I bought one back in early summer for exactly the same usage as you mention. It took a good month or so of continually checking the website for new stock to be released and being quick enough off the mark to get one. Having said that, it’s not skipped a beat! It’s been a bit of a faff to grind for two doubles for espresso on the weekends but like you say, it’s a lot more money for something comparable and electric. Good luck with getting your hands on one!
  3. I’ve had a second hand Gaggia classic since 2014 - it’s a 2012 machine. I’ve only recently started to try and get nicer coffee from it and did the OPV mod a couple of weeks ago. At the same time I replaced the rubber group gasket, shower plate holder and shower screen. Since the OPV mod, when steaming I often hear a pop sound and have noticed it’s the rubber gasket slipping down the shower plate. I can’t see how I’ve installed it incorrectly.. unless I bought the wrong width (I used an 8.5mm width which I meant thought was correct for pre-2015 machines). Could the pressure mod have changed the
  4. Great! Thanks so much for the speedy reply
  5. Does anyone know the difference between the Eureka facile and the manuale? I can’t find the facile on the Eureka website but the facile is now back in stock on Bella Barista? Judging by the specs they look similar but the facile has a slightly higher wattage? (310 vs 260) and has a smiley face on it?!! Unsure if the latter is a selling point or not I’m imagining the facile is an updated version of the manuale but thought I’d ask here as someone is sure to know! I’m in the process of saving up for a better electric grinder as my previous modded dualit has now bitten the dust. So wond
  6. vct

    OPV mod question

    I bought this one and did the mod last night - worked a treat!
  7. Would you accept £150 delivered?
  8. Ha - great, thank you! Second hand Feld or go for the JX pro then! Cheers!
  9. vct

    Knock Feldgrind

    If for whatever reason this falls through I’d happily be a back up buyer!
  10. Sorry to hijack - in terms of the best value hand grinders for espresso is the Feld the better option given its stepless? The Kinu is out of my price range and the Comandante appears to need the red clix mod which adds another ~£40?
  11. Just wanted to add thanks for this info as I’m going through a similar thought process at the moment. Looks like a hand grinder is the way to go on a budget for single dosing. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions - I’m interested in similar flavour profiles so watching the thread with interest!
  13. A little over a month! Amazingly useful forum, lots of useful stuff here!
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