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  1. @jaffro condition is good. It is ridged, if you are fussed about that sort of thing. Say £20 posted?
  2. Could probably part with an 18g VST if you like? Think I have the box and everything if you are interested?
  3. There is or was, no rust. It was bought new last summer.
  4. Just a had good look over it and there is nothing to see externally but I have just found these scratches on the inside where it looks like some screws were catching when pulling the drawer in and out. They are only visible if you pull the drawer completely out and are not visible in usual operation.
  5. I seem to have amassed way too many reusable takeaway cups and some have to go. They have all been used but are in pretty good condition. They will get a deep clean before posting. Price includes tracked delivery with Hermes. I don’t have any boxes I’m afraid. Frank Green - 10oz 295ml £10 Frank Green - 6oz 180ml £10 Keep Cup Glass - 12oz 340ml £8 Keep Cup Thermal - 12oz 340ml (bought at Christmas, used a handful of times) £13 Chilli cup - 230ml £8 Also selling a black knockout drawer. Bought last year for £80. In good condition. Weight 4.2kg 24cm w
  6. My recommendation, and I appreciate this is a smidge over your budget but take a look at the ACS Minima. The looks may take a bit of getting use to but it really is much prettier in real life. For the money, the performance is huge. Especially if you want a powerful steamer. You can easily be disappointed by the steaming power of some machines in the £1k bracket. The Minima is a beast in this respect. It isn’t perfect (but what is?). The negatives are minor for me. I went from a Mara X to this and have no regrets.
  7. When I started out I was driven by recipes. If I wasn’t hitting the numbers I’d be upset. Invariably, until you catch the bug, the equipment you have frustrates that goal. Recipes from roasters distracted me from the important things: how it tasted and how to adjust the variables to alter the taste. Who does a recipe actually benefit? For those starting out, they could find themselves doing what I did. For the more experienced, chances are they are ignoring your recipe as they have the required knowledge. To assist those starting out, maybe the best option is to give them a real clea
  8. This was when using without tamping after, but my theory was that the whole “tamping whilst distributing” motion was actually creating lower density in the middle of the puck. Tamping after seemed to clear it up a bit but as I purchased it to do away with the tamp...
  9. Asso Jack Leveller - for those who like holes through the centre of their pucks.
  10. Very enjoyable first foray into the high end speciality scene. Every note hit brewed with a French press.
  11. Haha I hope it’s looking after you alright! Nice one, I’ll PM you
  12. As new condition - bought new in December. Easy to read, wish I had bought it much sooner in my coffee roasting phase. Recommend for anyone learning the ropes with a traditional drum roaster. £30 including P&P RM 2nd class.
  13. cengland117

    Damaged bag

    If it left the roastery in a punctured bag, depending on how much I paid for said coffee, I would potentially be annoyed. Especially with that response 👎 Beyond the issue of whether the beans have suffered a a result, it doesn’t reflect well on that particular roaster.
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