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  1. I run a Niche and a B.pro my setting are 18g in, 36g out takes about 32-38 seconds. Setting on my Niche is sub 20 I always stick too 18-19g no more first drip is around 10 seconds just an example What I have used rave Columbian Carmen 15 rave Italian 18 rave decaf 19 rave Indian moon 17 rave Ecuador 16 rave fudge 19
  2. if you read the warning on the drip tray itself, it says that it is for water and steam purging/venting and that the tray should be kept in place when using the machine so it can dispenser water. just as a test take the drip tray out and turn on the machine watch under where the drip tray sits and you will see the machine run some water (just be ready with a towel to mop up a little water!!), same when you steam and then turn the steam off after steaming the machine releases the pressure in to the drip tray to get it ready for the next time.
  3. ACS Minima is one to look at, it does have some nice things, dual boiler, push button (no handle to dismantle or lube), small footprint and if you have the right counter for it can sit nicely in a corner there is a few nice reviews, depends what suits you and what you are after.
  4. Sounds like it is going very well with the Jap version and that the motor will take some stick when put through it's paces. How do the burrs look in terms of wear with the amount you have done on your long term one Dave?
  5. I have a B.Pro so not far from the B.Express, I got a Niche a few months ago and have it dialled it in very well, pulling very good shots. If you stick to the rule of thumb, fresh beans, good grind and grinder (reason I upgraded from built in grinder and really where the express and pro let you down), good prep in tampering and machine setup, the Barista Express and Pro can and will product a very good drink. Where Sage let people down the most is repairs and parts. I have done it this way and got the Niche so I have the option if and when I decide to move on it will be the case as to when the
  6. in the Niche manual it says 10kg of beans season the burrs, email some of the coffee bean roasters and ask if the have some old beans that you can use for this reason, I managed to get 5kg and they charged me a few quid. I ran the 5kg over a few nights of receiving them so I am well on my way to the burrs being seasoned.
  7. Really enjoy the Rave Seasonal Colombian decaf, find myself going for one some evenings.
  8. I have a Niche and B.Pro, I went this route for a couple of reasons, first one was that the niche was perfect for single dosing(I change beans everyday to suit and what I fancy, you cannot do that with the Sage), good with light and dark roasts and that fact that it was a separate grinder, if and when I wanted to upgrade the coffee machine I already had a good quality grinder and only have to buy the machine so you got to ask yourself what is the main reasons for having the Niche over the built in grinder? Single dose grinding (sage grinder not so great at this) Do you want to do lig
  9. yeah I make up a Heinz mix up, I normally weight out all my beans in tubes and any left over I make a couple of cocktails up and try them out, some have worked really well!!
  10. I generally go 10-14 days after roasting. I leave mine in the bag in a cool dry place (kitchen cabinet) the coffee bags will have a valve to let the gas out, once you want to freeze them, put in the seal tub/tubes and place in the freezer, if you don't have tub/tubes you can place them in the freezer in the bag they came in and place some tape over the valve, once you have opened the bag from the freezer I don't return them to the freezer, this is why I use tubes and single dose my coffee beans. if you don't want to freeze then as CocoLoco said Airscape.
  11. I have a Niche and it suits me perfectly. I like the single shots I can throw in it and choice what bean I fancy anytime I feel, rather than a hopper fed grinder. I weight my beans out and freeze them in airtight tubes all measured out before hand and I can check the bag for duds at the same time. I can then grab a tube out as and when I want, beans still stay fresh. I don't always drink a coffee every day so I didn't want beans left in the hopper for too long and I like to swap and change beans.
  12. IMO it is not an upgrade an upgrade is going for a separate machine and grinder something like a ACS Minima, MaraX, a E61 group head machine. The Express, Pro, Touch, Oracle can product a good drink, I have a Pro and the upgrade for me was to upgrade the grinder so I got a Niche, first way to improve coffee is good quality fresh beans and a good grinder and I have not looked back, it products a very good cup.
  13. You just have to wait and see what they get in for preorder, sometimes they get another batch for September other wise it will be October next. You could drop them an email directly, they are normally very good at responding and will give you an idea.
  14. Not that it is the same machine but I have a tiny bit on my Niche burr, I took at pic and sent it off to Niche, they came back and said it was fine and that it was something not to worry about it will not affect the grind in anyway. I have only had the niche over a month and only ever brushed the burr with the brush provided.
  15. Made some Baked oats Lemon and blueberry muffins for breakfast
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