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  1. Hello all, I have a 3 year old Sage Barista Express that has just given up on me. I think the fault is in the water pump or the solenoid but not sure. The steam seemed to be leaking into the internals of the machine rather than out of the wand, but now it wont respond to any of the espresso buttons or wand dial. The grinder still works perfectly. I looked into repairs but I was looking to upgrade anyway and so have taken the opportunity. I am therefore wondering if anyone wants to make me an offer for the Sage machine, either for parts or to try and repair? I am in Ilkley, West Yorkshire so it would need to be someone local as I don't think I can get out to post given the wider circumstances. Equally, if someone is keen but not local I can hold on to it until we return to more normal times. thanks Pete
  2. Can you let me know about a deal on a Classico wooden and a eureka? I am also looking to upgrade from a Sage BE. thanks
  3. Do you still have this type of deal available? I am looking to upgrade from a Sage BE that has just failed me at the worst possible time! thanks
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