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  1. I had searched for this but couldn't find the answer so apologies if this is a duplicate thread. I've always wondered but never had it really clarified about recipes that use espresso. When for instance it states 200ml of coffee (preferably espresso), what's the best way of doing that? Previously I've always used instant for baking. I usually make an espresso by using 18g to to 36-40g espresso - even if I bumped that up to 20g (not sure on my basket tbh) but would I really need to make 4/5 espressos for this or would you run it for longer to reduce the amount needed? I know this mi
  2. I have been watching it. On episode 2 of the second series. It's a weird one, I love the idea of it, love the look and sound of it, love the feel of it and what it is going for...but there's just something missing for me and can't get excited about it. Just one I have on and will get through
  3. It's a shame it wasn't as much of a commercial success as they anticipated, as it might have put studios off making more Sci-Fi that's a bit mature and not your classic blockbuster type. I feel Dune will be the same way and could be make or break for that type of film, seems like they have faith in Denis and the team behind it though which is promising. Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner, Dune - I mean other than Nolan who I feel stuttered with Tenet there aren't many modern directors with a run like that.
  4. I've got this waiting for me. Embarrassingly I'm quite excited to open it up, got a few on the go coming to the end so should work nicely to start it at the beginning of December https://www.horshamcoffeeroaster.co.uk/collections/coffee-beans/products/christmas-coffee-blend
  5. Yeah same, really enjoyed reading the Hobbit which is a nice easy read. I did attempt The Silmarillion when I was younger and don't think I made it through. Should try now I'm older, will probably make more sense. The Hobbit films were atrocious and really nearly damaged the LOTR legacy, I mean that Trilogy will go down as pure classics, Fellowship of the Ring is a masterpiece.
  6. Big Sci-FI fan but not massively familiar with Dune, never read it or haven't seen the older versions. I put my trust in anything Denis Villeneuve does, he hasn't had a bad film yet. I thought this had been pushed back to 2021 though?
  7. I wish things like this could be discussed without it getting out of hand but can see this only going one way! I do agree with the second point but I wouldn't want to be quick to judge him as a scumbag without doing my research. There were plenty of well regarded scientists in his day who were for eugenics (to your product of his time comment) and don't necessarily think that automatically makes someone evil when you take it out of the context, the nazis obviously used the idea and did what they did but Eugenics does't equal Nazi. Also taking his Hitler comments out of context ca
  8. Take it they still have the Round Hill on? They have such a good team there, I'm surprised how they have retained the same staff for so long. I do wish a few more like this popped up around town.
  9. Yeah I'd also recommend this, best in the city for me. Would be interested in what you think. They do some great cakes they make in house too
  10. Agree it's a good piece of kit, although this is my first ever grinder so don't have much to compare to! Saying that though I have been very happy with the drinks i've been making. Going on from what others have said I seem to be in the 1.6 - 1.8 region (1 full turn from zero then 6-8 clicks) for espressos and that usually gives the 1:2 ratio in 25-30 seconds output. Good to note about the pourover settings as was thinking about getting some form soon.
  11. Planty21

    This forum

    I think that's the problem. It's both sides. I'm not a very political person and don't have an allegiance to either side, but all media has an agenda and it's very damaging. Especially in this time where everything is so extremely divided. This is why a political discussion, behind a keyboard on a forum full of (mostly) strangers is never going to end well
  12. Planty21

    This forum

    You don't necessarily have to have very blatant comments attacking certain people for it to not feel inclusive for everyone. When viewing forums you generally have a 'tone' of what it is like, and maybe this is very subjective but my 'tone' of this forum is very uninviting for the most part (as already stated) and feel it is mostly older gents club. Maybe I don't comment enough to know that there are more women or younger people so happy to be told otherwise but just the general just I get from here and maybe other have that as well.
  13. Planty21

    This forum

    People have explained it, in that when politics is raised nobody can play nicely together and that goes for both sides of the argument. Even what you're doing now is a good enough example of why politics shouldn't be discussed by blaming the opposition. You might see the discussion as light hearted and gets you through your day with a bit of 'banter' but others might actually get riled up and and put them in a negative mood which is where the friction might come from. You goad people into a fight
  14. I agree the Off Topic shouldn't be taken away, and maybe having a Political Discussion sub topic within it should be the way forward. The only issue is that when I view the threads I do it by 'All Activity' and then get sucked in to reading the more controversial topics! Maybe I could just mute that Sub Topic if that is an option?
  15. Planty21

    This forum

    I don't quite understand how I took that particular bit out of context but ok. I'm just not sure whether you are actually trolling on these political threads or you are just looking for some debate. I'll perhaps take this to the other thread as there is no point having other unnecessary threads cluttering up the board.
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