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  1. hey folks, Around 4 months into my coffee journey, and have ran many bags of beans through my mignon and maraX. I have been trying different roasters everytime and wondered if some of you would mind recomending some beans with a big chocolate hit. Being a type 1 diabetic, I don't really eat chocolate and am fortunate that caffeine doesn't spike my sugars much at all. Having a sweet tooth I really like a strong chocolate taste in my flat white. Rave fudge was OK but wasn't as sweet as I had hoped, may be down to my extraction but who knows. Any other big chocolate note beans
  2. When I pull my maraX drip tray out at night I too have a few drips where the tray has sat
  3. Placed an order for 3 bags, looking forward to getting stuck in. the 15% off discount code wouldn't work though, don't know if its a glitch? Cheers, James
  4. ohhh i wanted a motta but you have sowed a seed there. Is the PeakaBrew heavier? I have heard that some users of levellers don't bother tamping afterwards
  5. I'm just about to do the same. I backflush everyday with water, drop the screen every 3 days and soak the shower screen once a week in Pulycaf and then backflush it after with water. Squeaky clean
  6. Any Motta levelling tools in stock? I have been considering one for a while
  7. These just arrived. Got stuck into the Koke as an espresso and the blueberry aroma is wonderful. Look
  8. went to order 1 KG last night and couldn't find my credit card, went to order this morning and its gooooooone. tell me you have a secret KG somewhere that you will sell me ? haha
  9. Biting the bullet on a kg as in worried ill maybe waste half a smaller bag trying to dial it in. Ill defo let you know how I go, any tips on extraction time and temp for this particular bean ?
  10. Thanks, im commiting tomorrow morning. Love a flat white and this could really top it off
  11. sounds good, was it the - rwanda - Kinini Peaberry ?
  12. i have no need for beans right now but I have to order the square mile san andres after reading this, I LOVE yorkie raisin and biscuit but being a type 1 diabetic I cant have one as often as id like haha
  13. Hey guys, Had a lovely hasbean number open for 2 weeks due to being away but stored in a coffee compass vacuum storage thing in a cool dark cupboard ( 4 weeks post roast date now). Fired up the MaraX and treated her to a IMS shower screen and a new 18G VST basket and proceeded to pour. I was punished with an absolute gusher 36G out in about 18 seconds so I dialled it in till I got 30 seconds but this took 180 degrees of adjustment on the specilita. It looks a bit waterier than usual and doesn't have that same slow liquid gold oozing out that I usually get but this could maybe be the scre
  14. Congrats, the appartamento has a real stance on the worktop. I did much searching on the forum and as a result tried coffee compass, RAVE and hasbean all of whom i have been delighted with. I have been through about 12 bags and have just come across my favourite https://www.hasbean.co.uk/products/jabberwocky . i like a flat white mainly because i cant pull a amazing espresso but my first shot with that was fantastic, bursting with flavour and very little bitter or sourness. Enjoy your journey and be sure to post some pics of your new setup
  15. Weight in , weight out , extraction time , roast date on beans etc would all be helpful information to establish if anything in particular is causing the poor espresso shot. Are you using bottled or filtered water? Beans stored correctly and aged correctly?
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