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  1. Thanks for all the replies guys, really good to know what everyone else is doing. Being from a remote island there aren't any people around who are seriously into coffee so I have to gather what I can from here and YouTube etc. Be nice to have a look at someone else's set up some day and try other machines but I suppose upgradious will creep up on me haha
  2. I have been emptying my hopper on my mignon specialita each night and recently I moved my setup around to fit the osmio RO unit in and now it's not so easy to access the hopper and have been leaving the beans in it. The shot tastes fine but the naked PF is starting to spray a little and the steady flow of liquid gold looks a little thin and fast. I usually keel my beans in an air scape at night but haven't since the reconfigure of my setup and wondered if the beans where spoiling. I leave around 100g in the hopper so they are technically in the hopper for a round 48 hours. I will likely revert back to having the grinder easily accessible and emptying the beans each night but thought I would ask fellow members to see if they leave some beans in the hopper? The mignon seems to need tweaked more on the grind when I tip it upside every night and give it a light shake compared to leaving it on the top with the beans in it. Single dosing is a no go with the specialita, the beans just bounce around like popcorn in and out of the channel down to the burrs. What's your process? Cheers, James
  3. Thanks Dave, I pulled my morning shot this morning and didn't get any slight spray and was rewarded with a great cup. One of them them ones that makes you think " maybe i am getting the hang of this" Either that or the MaraX was just treating me for giving it a good spit polish last night
  4. IMS basket and a mignon specialita. I'll give it a go without the leveller, it was a tiny spray and didn't spray everywhere but I have been watching to many YouTube videos of perfect extractions haha
  5. Hey folks, 9 months or so into my espresso journey and finally invested in a bottomless PF for my MaraX. Went for a ECM one as it looks nice with the chrome but unfortunately it doesn't fit on my small scales without sliding off, I will need to improvise. Anyway, first shot came out in two streams rather than one so second time round i tamped harder and got a decent stream from the centre. Towards the end around 30 seconds in you can see a small spray from the side, is this a sign of a particular issue in my prep? 18g in, WDT in the basket, couple taps each side, a tap down on the mat and then levelled off with a OCD leveller and finally tamped. 14 day old beans with a yield of 36g in around 33 seconds. Any pointers? Made a good flat white but it could be sweeter. Uploading video now
  6. Goodies for me from BB ECM bottomless PF IMS basket as I suck with VST New gaskets, brushes and a shower screen tool to stop me bending the wife's spoons. And finally 1kg of beans for a toy around with the bottomless and see how my prep is looking in the shot
  7. I'm glad it wasn't just me, I think they assumed I was being a bit of a jessie as many others in local area had just a minor headache. At least we know its doing something if it knocked us for 6 haha
  8. Exact same here Dave. I couldn't get warm and had to sleep in a thick hoody despite it being 22 degrees in the room. Teeth chattering and goosebumps all over my body. I got up at 5 am for some paracetamol to help me sleep and i fainted wiping out everything on the worktop ( just missed the MaraX and Mignon haha ) I am type 1 diabetic which might not have helped but i see it as a necessary evil and i look forward to life hopefully returning to normal this year.
  9. Is the machine level? if your worktop has a run on it then naturally the espresso machine will fall that way too. If you have a ridged basket have a look to see if your puck looks level with the grove around the full circumference, if one side is closer to the ridge height then the puck is not level. Even with a bad tamp mine is only a second or two behind the other. Maybe consider a cheap levelling tool, i found it sped up my workflow and i have confidence every shot that the puck is level for my tamp
  10. Many thanks for your feedback, that handy to know and i may try increase the dose and see how it goes. I'm not that bothered by the messy puck anyway as its only 5 or 6 times a day max and only takes a few moments but its good to know its not some sort of fault etc
  11. Hi Rob, as usual my explanations suck. When pulling the shot the drip comes out just where the drip tray meets the body, presumably through the opv pipe, it does not drip out of the big valve/chamber on the bottom of the E61 group head. That one only vents when a shot is finished.
  12. I am in a medium-Hard water area. The water tastes fantastic but i guess that is not really indication into what the make up is of the water. A few of the senior members on here had a look at my water report before i got my machine and said it was good but that RO would be even better. Quite like the idea of tossing the kettle and i imagine the Zero would be handy for filling pans at dinner time rather than 2 or 3 kettle boils?
  13. I am based on Skye and i am seriously considering getting the Osmio zero. I am planning to tell the boss that its to replace the kettle and make life easier when really its for my MaraX haha.
  14. Upgradious has set in 9 months into MaraX & mignon specialita ownership OCD leveller IMS screen IMS competition baskets The 'Gran Crema' Naked/Bottomless Porta Filter Holder by ECM - Angled Grip also treating her to a new pulycaf silicone gasket & hopefully an osmosis zero next month
  15. No not with pulycaf, I do a blind flush everyday and then chemical one every few months. When pulling a shot or pulling against the blind basket a little stream of water runs down into the drip tray which I believe is the e61 vent correct?
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