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  1. Ive read that you can tell how fresh roasted beans are by how glossy or shiny they are. Is that true? I just paid a premium on beans from a company who claim to roast their beans two or three times per week so that your bought beans are always super fresh. Said beans arrived today, swiss water decaffeinated. I opened the bag eagerly anticipating shiny but found very dull beans indeed. Hmmmm
  2. Hi John, I run the grinder till there's nothing coming out.
  3. I've had a Ceado E5P for just over a month and finally starting to get half decent coffee at the end of the chain. One of the issues has been (and is) the amount of grinds it holds on to, between 9g and 11g. I suspected retention was part of the problem so replaced my existing handheld vacuum with a more powerful one. Sure enough when I vacuum it out (after.grinding each day) I get between 9 and 11g sucked out (trust me I've weighed it). Has anyone come up with a mod to solve or significantly improve this? Vacuuming out each day isn't a big deal but grinding 28g of beans for an
  4. I've recently replaced my Rancilio Rocky with a Ceado E5P (latest model). I'm really struggling getting a good cappuccino out of it and would really appreciate some help. I don't obsess about my coffee or my brewing method, I just enjoy good coffee. Having said that, I do have a discerning taste and over the time I've been using the Rocky I've learned how to get really good shots with really good crema day after day without fail. I have a Rancilio Sylvia (v2 I think), had it for about 15yrs. I've learned to get a good brew without obsessing about 'the numbers'. So far I've trie
  5. Can I spend less than £100 on a roaster and improve the taste of my coffee? I have a Rancilio Silvia and Rancilio Rocky and currently buy single origin roasted beans from Coffee Compass. I'm not really interested in doing this as a hobby or to while away the hours, I'm just interested in better coffee. Thanks
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