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  1. Generally for lighter or genuine medium roasts a lower pressure than 10bar is preferable in my experience, definitely initially and then after when puck resistance is lower after PI. Even more so when running EKspresso or similar course fast shots for high EY where I found 7.5 bar as a max to work best. I found the ability to manage PI pressure very valuable on my LR, and used to switch between a range of 3 and 5 bar for light/med beans all the time. I miss the LR if I’m honest. I change the pressure profile (though via flow obviously) a lot on my Slayer depending on beans, often not risin
  2. I think they’re very subjective, the results I mean. I still strive for some of the espresso (in my head anyway) I had from the LR and Ceado in early Summer, stunning, but weather etc can all play a part. What I do have is a dangerous mix of huge flexibility and. I excused in terms of quality and consistency, to tune flavour and accentuate traits I like but that comes with the ability to make a total balls up of it in search of some kind of perfect outcome for me. The LR is a great example of a sweet spot in my opinion. I’ll be putting another lever on the bench for sure at some point.
  3. It’s cool, only having some fun[emoji4] Glass hoppers and dosing is really nice, the small details like the shims to adjust the volume for different beans enabling pretty close dosing by weight, so far it’s +/-0.3g on avg. a massive Pacamara can be 0.5g m between doses I found but I can live with that. If it’s a finicky bean I just single dose the chute directly but I can keep a couple of faves in the hopper and not waste any. The Slayer is pretty forgiving on dose as long as you’re above 19g. Below that I’ve found it’s super basket sensitive, it needs the right headroom. The grinder has a ni
  4. For fear of Frank having a heart attack and @Rhys ; quietly chuckling to himself for the next year, I will light heartedly point out it’s a Frank Titus rather than a modded/upgraded Versalab[emoji57] Also acknowledge, and am very grateful to my very tolerant wife, that it is a privilege to be able to indulge in such kit[emoji16]. I have certain members of this forum to ‘thank’ leading me down this very pleasant rabbit hole! So, by embellishments I mean to the surrounding decor/atmosphere as opposed to more gear, I want to put the Slayer crate lid on the wall, install a different worktop and
  5. Very kind of you to say so. It’s a Titus, which is a Versalab type design evolution, taken to the max in build and tolerances and made to order by Frank Durra and his team in Germany. It has two of his single dosing systems attached and uses a 68mm hybrid conical/flat burr design like the DRM with variable speed. The output fits very well so far with the Slayer brewing options/flexibility and my preference for 1:1.5 to 1:2 shot ratio with light/med roasts.
  6. So a few months in to my not set up and I’m still not fully set up as I want in my head but there have been many many lessons in grinder/basket/burr compatibility, much testing and changing of grinders and thrashing about at the alter of taste and preference which has resulted in the current configuration. Grinder finally arrived this week. Lockdown prevents some desired embellishments but hey, that’s a first world problem compared to many. Anyway here we are
  7. I thought there was a duty charge too on Monolith. Basically price + 30% overall incl. shipping. I’ll be happier if not at some point!
  8. and yes what AdG said. Thats why many are refusing to ship to us now. I think EU will introduce something similar to stop undervaluing of imports or 'paper' companies in the target country to avoid taxes and lift profits, I gather its a big problem, UK has used Brexit to advance the requirement. In EU likely only to apply to 3rd countries
  9. I corrected my post Dave. below £135 I think thats right. Mechanisms may be introduced I agree. But duty/tax will still be 'due' at the point of importation however it gets discharged. Below £135 at point of sale.
  10. From UK Gov. below. Essentially the threshold aligns with customs duty threshold. up to that point VAT/paid at point of sale not point of importation. The difference between £100 and £1000 is duty may be payable and VAT payable will be payable at point of importation, I think thats where courier comes in and/or held in customs until paid. Outline of the changes For imports of goods from outside the UK in consignments not exceeding £135 in value (which aligns with the threshold for customs duty liability), we will be moving the point at which VAT is collected from the point of imp
  11. IF £100 is ex vat price in the country of origin then I understood that the thresholds have been removed for VAT. So you should pay £100 + VAT of 20% on delivery, , that is now collected at point of sale, below £135 threshold, and paid to UK HMRC directly by the online market place or seller. Same process for the coffee machine. Should be no duty/tarifs on the goods. I ordered a grinder from Germany before Brexit. I am VAT registered so vat was deducted at source on my invoice. Previously I would then have paid no further costs due the the VAT agreements. As the grinder i
  12. This might come back to me asI had the grinder from CC. I don't drink that much pour over but I do drink it with both a Kalita wave and a Chemex and I also like cold brew. I find the Ceado to be very good at the corse end, very uniforma anyway as you would expect. Super easy to adjust also goes without saying but the lack of fines and grind uniformity make for a very complex cup, evenly extracted and very predictable in terms of extraction times cup to cup.
  13. It would appear we are both cyclists so it is clearly a plan. The 'Red Angel' aka my new grinder is due early next week so an ideal opportunity to commence exploratory activities.
  14. Damn, don't let the cat out of the bag.. but seriously Crankhouse do produce some great products. I would really like to identify where I can get some light/lighter roasted coffees or for more roasters to identify where thats the case. I want to explore the capabilities of the Slayer and filter is no longer an indicator with an Omni roaster. I also appreciate now that colour is not necessarily an indicator of a light roast so just getting a Tonino wont help me. Using long bloom or prebrews is not the best approach for coffees above med/light I find but knowing if they are ligh
  15. Either of the last two would have done @EricC but they have since come in stock. Managed to order yesterday and they shipped today, and now I’ve just checked forum🤦‍♂️ but thank you. can be moved to ‘problem solved’ I think. I wanted it for the Titus grinder on the way to keep things tidy.
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