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  1. It’s a Wiser Smart plug. Part of my heating/connected system. Works well but don’t know if it works without the heating control module you’d have to check. App is go od and stable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. So after a few happy months and a change of main machine and drinking habits I’ve decided to put up for sale the legend that is a kafetek monolith conical. It’s in superb condition. I am the 2nd owner, it being previously owned by a fastidious forum member. It comes with the original accessories of a portafilter funnel and the safety funnel, and wenge wooden safety lid, also aftermarket accessories of a leather protection mat for the base and a towel. It has its original box for shipping. Details Upright 2017 MC1 Monolith Conical - Super condition 68mm burrs Black Removable safety Hop
  3. Lovely. I think I’m missing out on the Thuya train[emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. As long as it includes the art that gets the most laughs[emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. yay, but I do love an optical viewfinder too. However latest digital are getting betterer and betterer
  6. My Leica Q produced wonderful pictures with a quality of their own. I still think you can tell a Leica picture until you process them. I'm also a big believer that MP is not everything, some of my best photo's at A3 are off my old D2H, a camera chastised for it's noise performance if you got it wrong (which is true). Is the SL not right up there? I eschewed digital in the end and have gone back to my phone + A Leica M5 film camera and my RolleiFlex F3.5 TLR with both waist level and prisms finders. I could look through the ground glass screen of the waist level all day and not take a
  7. @ooglewoogle Why sad? I don't like people being sad!
  8. Yep😊 for the back piece of zebrano that I routed the electrics and plumbing through 😉
  9. Well, I’m sure I’ll get better set up but, wow. I’m actually even more pleased in the flesh, which is always nice. I appreciate the comments, was a bit nervous it could be too ‘over the top’ but it’s not in place. its quieter than I imagined, not sure why, and even more detailed. Paddle feels really nice and tactile. Relieved the grinder has headroom even with a Slayer, slightly tighter grind than LR but not too much, certainly with Square Mile Sweetshop Pulled 8 or 9 shots this eve. Didn’t drink them all of course but all tested. First 7 were grades of nice, balanced but
  10. I'm stuck on calls but managed to get it in and plumbed, heating but not set up yet.. Better pictures in the next couple of hours. The excitement is killing me😁
  11. @KTD I acknowledge your bagsy, but you may have a long wait 😉 My wall has a spot allocated for that (Its pretty heavy!)...Seattle - Australia - Germany - UK!
  12. Mini update...as I have a conf call and can't get to this for another 2 hours
  13. Ok. We have an update for those following the journey. We have ‘coffee bar’ progress ✅ and the Expobar has kept me in Espresso this last week. Oh, yeah, and Buffy arrives tomorrow 😁 I just have to try and get out of those pesky online meetings!
  14. Shipping update. It hasn’t moved at all, sat somewhere in Germany😐 On the positive side fitting shelves Tuesday. Trying to find Some NuovaPoint Palermo’s. [edit:found some😊]
  15. Bumper day it seems It looks a lot but I swop monthly ‘shops’ with a fellow enthusiast end we work a few weeks ahead for degassing!
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