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  1. Am heading off to Newquay tomoz, for family reasons (wearing black fwiw), anyone know of somewhere either serving good coffee or hopefully a roaster/café in the area? Not much outside of the chains pops up on a search, hence the question.
  2. I know it’s a bit after everyone has added in their long lasting equipment and horror stories and my experiences are very similar except for two manufacturers that so far nobody has mentioned. The very worst was a £900 Leibherr F/F, that failed the month after the 2yr warranty expired and was economically unrepairable due to the method for joining the cooling fin array to the compressor pipe (according to the engineer). Some investigation then showed that Leibherr, who I knew to manufacture high quality equipment through my job, had sold their white goods division a few years previously and were continued trading on the otherwise good name the brand still carried. The best (to date) is a Daewoo American style F/F. After the sour taste left by the Leibherr, we asked a few white goods engineers which brand of fridge freezer they would buy, given the race to the bottom in build quality that was going on at the time, one advised Miele, the other two advised Daewoo, when we asked why, they told us the Daewoo equipment is built completely differently to the other manufacturers and the common fail point (then) was a “proper design” in the Daewoo, plus they were the brand they went to the least. In the seven years we’ve had it, we had one circulation fan fail due to a bad bearing, but nothing else, that was in warranty, but I can buy the same fan motor for £30 on eBay, although it’s never played up again. I've only highlighted these for info, or for a future search, cheers, DG.
  3. @Stevereeno I agree with @DavecUK, what I forgot to mention was that the 700bar variants I’ve worked with were fitted to a 330bar system, the general rule with measuring equipment being that you want the figure to be measured in the middle of the equipments range, not at one end. Think torque wrenches, for an accurate read of 150nm you’d want a 50-250nm torque wrench, not a 20-160nm, although the smaller wrench would appear to do the job. HTH.
  4. No experience with cheap transducers @Stevereeno, I worked with high end transducers (700bar) for years and their two main reasons for failure (other than old age) was vibration or pressure shock, we mitigated pressure shock by using small bladder type accumulators to absorb those high pressure spikes. In a GC with a vibe pump there’s pressure waves by design, hence the bouncing needles we see in capillary type gauges, I suspect adding an accumulator or a restrictor will ruin the real time pressure monitoring you’re trying to obtain. Is it worth checking which pressure sensor the Vesuvius or Decent uses and how it’s fitted? Another option would be a tensile stress sensor fitted across a “U” bend of pipe in the pressure line, use an Arduino or similar to give you offset and gain for your zero/end points? It’s not my field, but it may do-able if you’re into it.
  5. That is not correct, assuming you are referencing silicone gaskets that is, the blue 8.5 provides correct lock in, (I know, I did it), the red 8mm allows the portafilter to move past the “6 O’clock” position, which then changes the airspace above the puck. I’m also aware of what that blue 8.5 was originally used for, I currently have an E61 machine, and yes, it’s fitted with that seal. If you’re using the oem rubber seal it may well be that due to the harder and more incompressible nature of that type of seal it requires an 8mm, but why anyone would voluntarily do that unless you’re restoring a collectible to original condition I have no idea, the silicone seal is superior in all practical ways I can think of.
  6. The Eureka adjustment system as fitted to the Specialita is not great, thing is though it’s a compromise between all types of coffee grinding except Turkish, but like all compromises it doesn’t excel at any particular one of them. The espresso area of adjustment on mine is approximately 30° between gusher or choke, plus there’s no reference point or datum to work from, so you can only go from your last setting, be it too coarse/fine, it’s like navigating without road signs or house numbers. I’m currently working on an idea to try and make mine better, if it works I’ll put it up for others to copy.
  7. Hi there @Joetorious, I’m a Specialita owner, it’s a good grinder but I’m fairly sure I’ll be upgrading in a year or two, probably to a Niche or a top quality S/H single dose capable machine, but it seems fair to give an honest appraisal to anyone new to coffee looking at one. The Specialita although good, comes with a little baggage, the adjustment is a compromise between brewing methods and consequently the espresso area of adjustment is small and very sensitive, so it’s easy to over adjust and then chase the setting around, it also has a bit more retention than say the Niche or Solo and needs a second or two’s grind flush first thing of a morning to eject yesterday’s stale coffee and finally if you use the hopper it likes to be 20% or more full or the grind dose can wander a little and produce extra fines. All that said, Eureka have flogged thousands of these grinders for a reason, they’re reliable, consistent, quiet and compact and I’m a fan despite its shortcomings, I’d like a few small changes, but doesn’t everyone. I hope you find what you’re looking for and it works for you, I would add that of the Niche, Solo and Specialita, the Niche would probably have the least depreciation and best resale potential if you didn’t get on with it. HTH.
  8. Hi @DavecUK, I visited BB and they had both the Profitec 700 (internally the same as the Synch) and the Bianca side by side, we ran them both as they were the only two on my hit list, and yes, the Bianca wasn’t as quiet as the Profitec, I was surprised as I didn’t expect any difference in sound level, but let’s be honest, it was not a significant difference, just a noticeable one. I hope that explains it, I only added those differences to the post because had the Lelit scored even on those points, I’d have come away with a Bianca and not the ECM, which, with flow control added is another £500.
  9. I’m not a Lelit owner, but the Bianca was recently in the running when I bought a machine, tbh I didn’t buy it because it was noisier, had rotary valves and was more lightly built than the ECM I did buy, maybe I was wrong but time well tell. However, what I am surprised hasn’t appeared is a more refined metered water flow system similar to, but more simple than, the Vesuvius, they’ve gone halfway with the paddle, but automating that to be completely repeatable at a sub £2.5k price would be a USP it’d be hard to ignore. Is it also time the industry moved away from spade terminals etc? The automotive, truck and plant industries only use them if they absolutely have to these days, and almost never in the presence of water, just a thought as I’ve seen a lot of discoloured, overheated spade terminal covers on here in the last 18 months that could be improved on. Just a thought.
  10. I know @BlackCatCoffee sells Fracino equipment and runs a coffee business himself, he might be able to help or maybe aim you at someone that can answer your questions @TheBumbleBean.
  11. I’d echo @MediumRoastSteam comment about the grinder, it’s normally the biggest influence on taste after which coffee beans you buy, I’d allow a minimum of £400 on the grinder if you’re buying new, although they aren’t hard to get second hand now for a fair bit less.
  12. @MediumRoastSteam thanks for the good wishes, maybe it’s karma, but after spending yesterday installing it and filling/flushing the boilers (the manual lies btw), and generally getting it ready for use, my caffeine border time had been breached, so the first coffee from it was this morning, @BlackCatCoffee Choc point, first double out was bang on the money, perfect extraction and taste, it was better than anything I’d ever managed with my GC. Funny how in life when you expect a fight and then everything turns out wonderfully with no drama. 😎
  13. P.S. I took the kit away to be fitted in the future, I wanted to get to grips with the std machine before getting into the flow control game.
  14. @MediumRoastSteam The Bianca had a smaller footprint, plus the water tank being movable would have been advantageous, but I liked the heavier gauge material ECM use, the ECM/Profitec machines were quieter than the Bianca, plus I’ve been in the business of repairing high tech electronics etc for decades and whilst all machines use a Gicar unit I didn’t want programmable pre-infusion etc which along with the paddle is one of the reasons for buying the Bianca. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the Lelit, just that side by side I liked the ECM more, plus my OH preferred the look of the Synch over the Bianca, and I’d be a fool to allow the “I told you the other one was better” argument to surface in a year of twos time without just cause....
  15. @MediumRoastSteam came away with a Synchronika and the flow kit, tbf I’d done an awful lot of research beforehand, and it came down to the Bianca or the Synch, but after seeing and hearing both machines and chatting about my usage there was really only one choice.
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